Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my new makeup train case

My makeup collection is now starting to grow and I find it difficult to organize them. I've been lemmin for a nice makeup train case for months now but I can't find anything that I can afford. Thanks to Nikki's post about her new makeup train case =D Of course I only got the smallest one.

Here it is...Tadahh!

It has four attached inner trays on each side which is exactly what I need =D. It also has a lock. And I got this for only P1200/$24.

Now I don't have to pack all my makeup in different pouches =D I'm happy.


Curvy Petite said...

OOoO! I so want one of these!! Thanks for posting!

Curvy Petite said...

Please let me know where I can purchase one.

*KiM* said...

Hi Diane! Glad you liked it. It's available in Quiapo (Philippines). I believe you're in the US right? I haven't seen anything like it online though. I'll try to search and will let you know as soon as I find one =D

AskMeWhats said...

Super pretty!!!! I love love love your new traincase! I can sense your happiness, I cried when my colleagues gave me my first traincase which is way smaller than this one you posted :) Happy for you!

macci said...

hello :) where in quiapo did you buy this and how much?

Anonymous said...

where in quiapo???? I like it a lot...:)

MauiRN said...

Hi =) your traincase is gorgeous! ^_^ I need to have one that looks like that. Can you please kindly tell me where exactly in quiapo? and are there other colors available? Thanks!

*KiM* said...

Hi Mauirn, Sorry for the late reply. The store is located at the 2nd floor of the mall behind the Quiapo church. The name is Beauty Touch. Don't know the exact stall no though but it's very easy to find :)

niqi_d said...

i WAAAAANT! would you know if it's still available? i'm not from around here. WHich mall and what church in quiapo? please help! THANK YOU!

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