Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Transcom Christmas Party

Our Christmas party @ Transcom Bldg rooftop =D I waited until 3am for the raffle but I didn't win sigh haha...

Me..tired of waiting but still smiling

According to the big boss...christmas is for children so we had some performers from a charity=D

Each department is required to have a performance. Some girls from other dept...

One of the Dreamgirls performer...

Here's our representative "The Oncallers" watta name haha.

My team mates

With my team lead =)

I thought they're going to announce that we have a Christmas bonus but nyyyaaaarrr....haha


AskMeWhats said...

aww yous till look great no matter what time of the day or night :)

*KiM* said...

Thanks Nikki! You're so sweet =D

PINKisthenewBLACK said...

parang di mo ata ako nakilala ate sa pic namin ni rei :-)

pano ba naman lahat ng winners that night starts with a number 3 ang CIM.