Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photoshoot: Angel Yabut

Had my very first makeup gig last Dec 20 at Art Studio. I was so nervous at first because I have no experience doing makeup on others yet. I just practiced the night before on Kabbie haha. Good thing I like how it turned out =D. Thanks Kabbie for giving me that gig. I really enjoyed it and learned a what's lacking on my tools so I could buy it if ever there's next haha =D Thanks also to Joyce, Angel and Mitor.

Hair and Style by: Kabbie Rodriguez
Photos by: Joyce Paulo
Makeup: Kim Tan

more pics here.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Presents for myself =D

I went to Megamall a while ago to buy a cake for our celebration later and to do some last minute christmas shopping. Unfortunately...I forgot to turn off the lights of my car =( I remember switching it on when I passed the Mandaluyong tunnel. So the battery was drained totally. Don't know anyone who can help me so I went to Concorde (a store that sells auto parts) and I asked the people there if they know someone who can help me. Thank God the people there are so nice and offered to help me during their break. Thanks to Concorde staff =D

Although I got really disappointed at mad at myself for being stupid..=( I felt really happy when I looked at the presents I bought for myself haha.

I've been lemmin for these for so long whew! at last....I forgot my camera at home so I used my celphone instead

MUFE HD Foundie.....good thing the HD Finishing powder is already out of stock in Shang or else I might have bought that also.

My very own Shu Uemura curler weee =D Although I'm already satisfied with my Fanny Serrano curler...I still want this!

Align Center
ModelCo luminosity shimmer whip. I'm a fan of TuneBabe's blog and I learned this from her. Can't wait to try this on my face.

We exchanged gifts at the office last night. I gave my baby a badminton racket.

Alain was my daddy =)

And he gave me these =)

hot pink nail polish from The FaceShop and Maybelline Ultrashine l/s shwweet!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Want to buy stuff online but doesn't ship to the Phils?

I just want to share what my friend showed me a while ago to all the Fil. beauty bloggers out there =D

This is what they say on their website:

You Shop, We Ship!

Just shop from your favorite online merchant, have your goods delivered to our warehouse in the US, then we'll ship your box to your doorsteps in the
Philippines. It's as simple as 1,2,3

I'm not promoting this but I just think this is cool. Attention to all beauties =D
Uh-oh more reason to shop esp during this time where many goodies are on sale. You may want to check the pobox site when you don't know anyone in the US who can buy stuff for you =D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my new makeup train case

My makeup collection is now starting to grow and I find it difficult to organize them. I've been lemmin for a nice makeup train case for months now but I can't find anything that I can afford. Thanks to Nikki's post about her new makeup train case =D Of course I only got the smallest one.

Here it is...Tadahh!

It has four attached inner trays on each side which is exactly what I need =D. It also has a lock. And I got this for only P1200/$24.

Now I don't have to pack all my makeup in different pouches =D I'm happy.

Stephen and Lady's wedding

Last Dec 6, Pau and I went to Fontana with his AUB friends to attend a wedding. It's a perfect place for an intimate wedding.

They had a photobooth for their souvenir and it was so much fun.

The lovely couple

with Pau patweetums =D

Some people find it difficult to smile on pictures. Pau said one technique to fake a smile is to say "KROPEK" not "cheese"...watta??? haha. Do you want your pics to be like this??? No!

Cecille saying "Kro" and Reg saying "PEK" haha

Me and Trish

This was our first group pic...It took us 3 shots to know where the camera is and the timing.

Thanks for inviting is Stephen and Lady...Hope you have a happy married life =D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Transcom Christmas Party

Our Christmas party @ Transcom Bldg rooftop =D I waited until 3am for the raffle but I didn't win sigh haha...

Me..tired of waiting but still smiling

According to the big is for children so we had some performers from a charity=D

Each department is required to have a performance. Some girls from other dept...

One of the Dreamgirls performer...

Here's our representative "The Oncallers" watta name haha.

My team mates

With my team lead =)

I thought they're going to announce that we have a Christmas bonus but nyyyaaaarrr....haha

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Before and After pic (Suesh makeup workshop)

I found this on my mail today haha. This was the look I did on our makeup application practice. I chose to do a natural look coz I liked how Suzanne did it on the model :~{ I've been wearing this look for work since then. Not much difference huh?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday lunch @ Amici

Pau and I went to Tomas Morato for lunch last Sunday before our church seminar. We were debating between Sicilian and Napoli but then we saw a new resto named "Amici". Pau said it used to be owned by Don Bosco and he's sure it's good.

It's something different. The place looks cozy and high end. We had to line up on the counter to place our orders and wait for our food to be brought on our table.

Me want fud!

Linguini with Spinach ...sorry I forgot the exact name =(

My fav flavor...4 cheese!!!

Mango Delizia and Sansrival Gelato

Amici offers authentic and affordable Italian dishes.

4 cheese pizza - 290

Love it! Don't trust me here. I just love all the pizza in the world haha. esp 4 cheese! But if you ask me to compare it with Italianni's pizza...this is way way better.

Pasta Linguini - 230
Not the best but this is good. I can't really comment coz Pau ate most of it hmpp! haha

Mango Delizia - 65
Not that extraordinary..Mango Bravo of Conti's is still the best! But it's worth to try.

Sansrival Gelato - 50
I'll surely go back to Amici and try all the other flavors because of this! It's buttery and with tiny bits of sansrival yum yum!