Wednesday, February 16, 2022

How to Find the Florida Beach House of Your Dreams

Beach homes have been a hot topic in recent years as many people are seeking out areas that will allow them to spend more time outside.

Whether you're from Florida and want to move to the outer edges of your state, or you're up north looking for a warm place to vacation, these are the top things to consider when seeking out the Florida beach home of your dreams.

Consider What Entertainment You Want to Be Near

Florida is an entertainment capital in the USA, so what do you find entertaining? Do you want to live within a couple of hours of Disney, or are you more interested in clubbing and partying? Is golf what gets you excited to start your day?

Plan your move so that you get to be close to whatever entertainment makes you happiest so that you enjoy this as much as you want the beach views.

Look At Your Budget

Your budget is important! Every portion of the state is pricey compared to states like Tennessee or Kentucky, but you can still find affordable options if you seek them out. 

The smaller your budget is, the further up and inland you'll have to start house hunting. Look at every property's history for flooding, fire, or other issues that could quickly turn a deal sour.

Think About Hurricane Paths

Unfortunately, hurricanes are something you'll have to consider when you move carefully. Not only because you'll need to know if your home is set to be hit every year: but also so that you know how to flee if you have to evacuate. Florida gets hit with more hurricanes than any other state, so you must plan accordingly. 

The most hurricane-hit area is Northwest Florida, taking the hurricanes that form on the warm water of the Gulf Coast. So although you can still seek out houses in the Northwest portion of Florida, it's better if your beach home is in the northeast portion of Florida, which gets hit by almost 66% fewer hurricanes every year.

Consider Your Style

Your style matters! When you're looking at Fort Lauderdale houses for sale, you want to seek a home that you can fall in love with, not just one that seems nice and well built. Of course, you should wish for a sturdy house, but you should also consider which property makes you happiest. If you're not able to spot this, it might be time to look in a different area.

Remember, It's an Investment.

Regardless of where you buy your property in Florida, it's bound to gain value over time. Where it's based, how large it is, and how prone it is to flooding and storm damage will all decide how that value moves over time. Seek a property you can see yourself growing with.

Your Florida Beach Home Should be Paradise

When we pick a beach home, it's often either a vacation property or a retirement destination: so it should be a place that makes you feel like you're in heaven. From gorgeous surroundings to fantastic architecture, pick a property that speaks to you.

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