Tuesday, June 8, 2021

How to Paint a Pizza Using Acrylics

It was only last February 2021 that I started to paint. I want something educational as a Christmas gift for my baby girl, so I bought her some painting stuff that time. That includes a good painting book, brushes, acrylic paints, and a small canvas. I wanted to teach her properly so I studied by watching tutorials on Youtube and Linkedin Learning.  Since then, I painted almost every day. I wished I was given an opportunity like this when I was little, but it's not yet too late for me, right?

If you want to see all of the paintings I've done in a span of 4 months, I post them on my IG art account, @kimrodzart

As for my latest work, it's my first time doing a time-lapse video of me painting something. It was quite a challenge because of the limited space that I have at home, but it turned out fine in my opinion. 

Brands that I used:

Revel Acrylic Paints

Colors that I used: 


A mix of blue, red, white


Yellow, White, and a little bit of Burnt Sienna for the crust
Burnt Sienna and Red for the Sauce
Mid Yellow, White, and a little Red for the Cheese
Raw Umber for the burnt cheese part


Tomatoes - Primary Red, mixed with little Mars Black for the shadows and Titanium White for the highlights

Thyme - Sap Green and White

Tomato - Primary Red, Cad Orange (Black and White for the shadows and highlights)

It was a fun painting to do. It was challenging to take a video while painting, but I'm happy that I did it. I hope you like it. Follow my Facebook and Instagram art accounts, for more updates about my work. 

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