Sunday, June 6, 2021

Free Games Kids Can Play At Home

In my recent post, I've mentioned the things that we do to make our stay at home productive. One of the key points there is letting my kids use their gadgets for games 2 hours a day. They play games like Roblox so they could interact and have fun with their cousins and friends virtually. However, those kinds of games are not the type I grew up with. To be honest, I prefer the games I played when I was a child that makes the player think deeply. Recently, I discovered It's a website where you can play a lot of simple and free games.

Remember the games we used to play before the Ipads were invented? I'm talking about Pacman, Tetris, Word Find, Bomber Man...I think you can find similar games to that here.

What I like about it:

  • There are over a hundred free games to choose from. Everything is categorized so you can easily choose what piques your interest.
  • I like the simple games you can find on the website. I miss the old games that I play in the '80s and '90s. They're easy but require you to use your logic in order to accomplish something. My baby is currently practicing her typing skills again. Her current favorite is the Zombie Typing Game. It's amazing how she could reach a high level at an early age.
  • There's no need for you to install any games on your computer. Everything is browser-based online games. The current one I'm using is not too powerful that's why I don't like installing a lot of apps on it. It's amazing that my kids can play hundreds of games without affecting our computer storage usage.
  • I prefer games that make you think. That includes Tetris, puzzles, logical games, and mystery games. If your interest is like mine, check out the site to see if there are games you'll like too. 
  • You'll see the games' ratings. It helps you choose what most people play on the site.
  • New games are constantly added.
Since everything is browser-based, you have to expect that you'll wait for a while for a game to load. In my experience, it only takes seconds to load one. 

It's still indefinite until when we're going to do everything online. I'm grateful for these kinds of things that help us cope up and be entertained despite what's happening around us. When playing games, always guide your children to ensure that what they're playing is appropriate for their age. 

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