Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My New Makeup Bag

Being a makeup artist is not an easy profession. Well at least for me :) It's not glamorous or anything extravagant. I sometimes have to take long drives, work for long hours and carry heavy loads of makeup to a location. 

That's why I keep on thinking of ways to make it less complicated for me. I recently purchased this shock proof 2 layer makeup bag and I find it so perfect if I'm only doing 1 head or two and if there's no elevator on the location or the work involves a lot of walking and lifting haha. Love this!

This makeup bag has 2 layers. 

When you open the first one, It has a place for brushes and large zipper pocket where I place my cleaning tools like alcohol, tissue and some of my palettes.

It comes with 2 straps which you can place to make it a shoulder bag or a backpack. For me, it's easier to carry as a backpack as I don't feel the weight of all my makeups this way.

This is the second layer. It has brush holders with cover and several interchangeable compartments. Love this because it's easier to locate the makeup that I need this way.

It also has a medium sized zipper pocket at the side where I put my favorite palettes also.

And that's it! I hope I gave detailed information about this very useful makeup bag. I bought this for P1400 from someone on our Makeup Artist Group on Facebook but you may purchase this at Suesh.

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Saxton Hale said...

As a wedding makeup artist in the Philippines, It's really a hassle to carry all your wares. I like that bag you showcased. One look and the client would probably think you mean business.