Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake Foundations

Ladies, it's a must that we use skin care daily especially when you're out all day. But sometimes putting layers of skin care and makeup can be a bit tedious when you're always in a rush. That's why having skin care ingredients on the makeup we are using is always a good idea for me.

Let me share with you some of the foundations I've been trying this month from Fashion 21. They're all two-way cake, meaning you may opt to apply it wet or dry depending on the finish you want to achieve. 

To achieve a full long-lasting coverage, use the wet application. Do this by dabbing some product on the sponge then spray a bit of water on it then apply on the face. But if you want a more natural, skin-like finish with a bit of coverage, dry application it is! For more coverage, use the sponge. But if you want it more subtle, use your face brush to apply the foundation.

I have their four variants of two-way cake foundations:

Fashion 21 Two-way Cake Foundation SPF35+ with  Tea Tree Oil. Use this if you have sensitive skin as it protects your face from the sun and the tea tree oil has healing properties so it's best in times when you're breaking out.

Fashion 21 Two-way Cake Foundation SPF35+. If you want your makeup to have sun protection only.

Fashion 21 Two-way Cake Foundation SPF35+ with Papaya Extract. Makeup with sun protection and whitening properties yeah!

Fashion 21 Two-way Cake Foundation SPF35+ with Milk Moisturizer. For those who have dry skin, this one is for you. It keeps your face moisturized without making your face oily.

I've been using the Fashion 21 Two-way Cake Foundation SPF35+ with Milk Moisturizer for two weeks now and it has been good so far. Use it alone, it gives me instant freshness and flawless skin. I also sometimes use it as a setting powder on my liquid foundation if I want to cover all my freckles and marks. All I can say for now is that it's a very good and affordable foundation!

Sharing you some of my photos with Fashion21 foundation on :)

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