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Truth Seeker: Eat for Healthy Skin

Hello everyone! This is my second post for the campaign I'm working with "The Truth Seeker". If you haven't read my first post about it, the campaign aims to clarify the common misconceptions about skin care and acne. For today's topic, I'll discuss the foods I eat that are good for the skin and the foods that I avoid.

When I was in highschool, I always hear this from friends and relatives not far from my age: "I don't like nuts because it can cause break-outs". I was sad because all kinds of peanuts for me are so delicious and said to be healthy that's why it's called "food for the brain". But I guess we were misinformed. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are rich in Vitamin E that locks in moisture and keep the skin supple. Just remember to avoid fried and salty nuts which are really bad for the skin.

2012-11-21 18.57.25

 Since I'm currently watching my weight, I eat nuts that are included in the Nestle Fitness cereals. This has been my breakfast for months now together with a fruit and black coffee.


Black coffee is said to be a brain booster but also a skin booster. It contains antioxidants that can get rid of dead cells. I try to avoid too much sugar and cream these days. Eating plenty fruits in a day gives me the sugar I need. It helps me lose weight and at the same time healthy.

2012-11-21 18.57.52

But sometimes I still crave for sweets. What I do is just make right or healty choices.  Yoghurt with fruits and nuts is one of the best desserts that's good for the body especially to the skin which at the same time soo delicious. I don't feel deprived or on a diet.


Do you know that yoghurt has zinc that helps reduce pores for smoother skin? It helps even out skin tone too.

2012-11-21 18.58.13

Chocolates are rich in flavanoids that can help give the skin sun protection. Yeah, it's fatty but I can't avoid it now that I know that it has some good in it aside from being delicious. What I do is eat a cube of dark chocolate at least once a day just for the cravings.


As for my lunch and dinner, for a month now I've been trying to eat balanced meal which consists of a cup of vegetables, 1 fruit, 1 protein (preferably fish or chicken breast) and half cup brown rice. Of course I have my cheat days. But since the change in my diet and healthy choices, I notice how clear my skin is now. The backne I told you in my last post, it's almost gone. And my face, I still get a number of tiny pimples during a specific week each month but they heal right away without leaving obvious marks.

Now these are the foods that I avoid: chips (which only gives us unnecessary carbs with no other vitamins), too much oil and butter on my food (I prefer steamed, boiled and grilled foods).

If you're suffering from skin problems, right diet and food intake is really the first step of cure. No matter what treatment you undergo and how much money you spend on beauty products, if you eat unhealthy food, all of those are nonsense.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Outfit Post: Orange

It isn't summer yet but notice how hot it is lately? Well, as a makeup artist, I always pray for sunny weather (for my clients to have a hassle-free event) since I have a number of weddings scheduled until December. 

Orange/Coral-Toned clothes are usually my peg lately. Anything that looks cool, bright and happy to help set  a positive mood for everyone I encounter. Outfit really helps sometimes right?


This look is an example of what I'm talking about. Clean and bright face & vibrant outfit

On the face:

Loreal UV Perfect BB Max (as base)
Lancome Blanc Expert Powder foundation (read my review here)
Loreal Matte Taupe eyeshadow (included in a quad)
Majolica Majorca Liquid Eyeliner (brown)
Maybelline Cateyes Mascara
Nars Orgasm (blush)
Maybelline Peachy Pink lipstick




Celine Chiffon Blouse with Keyhole Detail (P1,299)
Pink Scarf worn as a belt (Celine)
Promod jeans

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weddings at Tagaytay Highlands

259924_10151108180386555_731442310_n (1)

Tagaytay Highlands, I was lucky to have visited this beautiful place for two consecutive weeks because of my work. I love doing hair and makeup but I also love going to places where you could forget the noise of the busy Manila and breathe fresh air. That's one of the perks of being a makeup artist, you see :)



Tagaytay Highlands has different areas with different concepts. That's what I read in one of the posters while waiting for my client. The one in the photo above is Woodlands. This is where Joan, my Nov 10 bride, checked-in for her wedding preps. The houses were made of woods and the place is filled with pine trees. 



And this is Woodridge. You'll see condo-type buildings there. My Nov 18 bride, Susie, checked-in at the Penthouse. It's so big (even bigger than my in-law's house).




The view at Susie's room was very nice.



The ceremony of both of my clients was held at Madre de Dios. I was informed prior that the road going there is too steep. We were afraid our car might not make it good thing there was a cable car ride every 30 minutes going to the church and golf course area.


I learned this thru Joan. She opted not to get a bridal car anymore because it was easier and cooler to ride the cable car going to the church :) She had a minute of pictorial during the ride.


This is the view.




I asked my hubby's cousin, Candy, to assist me with the hair last Sunday.


It may seem too steep but it's not creepy really. The cable car is slow and you won't feel like throwing up once you get there. Plus I think the ride only took about 4-5 minutes.


Madre de Dios Chapel



Photos of my clients Susie and Joan walking down the aisle. Aren't they stunning?

Hair and Airbrush Makeup by Kim Tan-RodriguezWedding Makeup Artist

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Antipolo Prenup: Pinto Art Gallery

I've been wanting to share you another nice place I've been to weeks ago. But unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera that day :( At last, the official photos from the couple's wedding photographer, DB Phos, were posted already. 

The place I'm talking about is Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo. I was lucky enough to do hair and makeup for a prenup photoshoot there.

Why I like the place?

They have room where couple can rest and change clothes with bathroom. It's also spacious enough for hair and makeup.


Photo from my client's cousin, Jevie Palalay.

There are many nice spots for photography: indoor and outdoor. But I think the price rate of the upper part is different from the lower where there are more paintings and cafe. I wasn't really able to check that part because I was busy working :D













295844_441256512596834_512419379_n 406794_441256415930177_912992202_n





Prenup Location: Pinto Art Gallery
Hair and Makeup: Kim Tan-Rodriguez
Photos by: DB Phos


Bizu has a cafe inside Pinto Art Gallery. I just had coffee. But I know how delicious the food and desserts at Bizu are. Next time I go there, I'll bring money so I could have pasta and cakes :D

If you want to know more about their rates, visit Pinto Art Gallery website. For more photos of the place and prenup ideas, check out this Bridal Book feature.

Thanks to the couple, Tonek & Maricon, for having me as your prenup hair and makeup artist. It was an honor to be part of your wedding prep :)

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Truth Seeker: My Used To Be Backne Problem

From this post and the coming weeks, I'll be working with a campaign named "Truth Seeker". It aims to clarify the common misconceptions about acne and skin care and I'll be sharing with you my own skin dilemmas and experiences to help people suffering from the same things be more informed.

My skin problems started during my puberty stage. But it's a common things as most of us underwent that stage. But come late 20's I still get a few imperfections. Those that are on the face aren't noticeable as I usually get tiny pimples or "tigidig" in Tagalog. Lucky me huh? And people don't even notice the pimple scars because I always conceal them everytime I go out.

However, you won't see me wearing backless or even sleeveless tops that show some back skin. It's not that I'm conservative. But I'm ashamed of how ugly my back is. Yes, those dreaded little dots piled up on my back then.

I tried almost anything possible. I've become obsessed with cleanliness especially on my body because we all know that hygiene is one of the major culprit of skin problems. I don't touch my skin without washing my hands or putting alcohol. I tried not to stress myself with bad things happening around me. I tried eating healthy and sleeping at least 8 hours a day.

After all the natural things I did in order to clear my backne, I wondered why I still have it. It lessened a bit but I still have it. It can be very frustrating. But I guess it's really on our genes because I wasn't the only one having that problem in our family. During that time, all of my siblings  (except for my only brother, lucky you!) and some of my cousins are suffering from backne too.

The good news is we're in the modern world already and there's a cure for almost every ailment people have. Just because you inherited that skin condition doesn't mean you can't do something about it. So I tried visiting my dermatologist and having my back cleaned regularly, exfoliation and acne treatment creams. I followed my derma's instructions strictly and applied my treatment religously. I tell you diligence and patience is the key when treating skin problems.


I was trying to find a photo of my back when I had that problem before but I guess I was too shy for people to know I have ugly back then. It's always covered haha. Now I still do not have a smooth back because it comes back once in a while but I'm not ashamed of it anymore. Look, I even wore a tube on my wedding day. I'm glad my perseverance paid off.

Will tell you more of my backne and skin story soon!
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