Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weddings at Tagaytay Highlands

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Tagaytay Highlands, I was lucky to have visited this beautiful place for two consecutive weeks because of my work. I love doing hair and makeup but I also love going to places where you could forget the noise of the busy Manila and breathe fresh air. That's one of the perks of being a makeup artist, you see :)



Tagaytay Highlands has different areas with different concepts. That's what I read in one of the posters while waiting for my client. The one in the photo above is Woodlands. This is where Joan, my Nov 10 bride, checked-in for her wedding preps. The houses were made of woods and the place is filled with pine trees. 



And this is Woodridge. You'll see condo-type buildings there. My Nov 18 bride, Susie, checked-in at the Penthouse. It's so big (even bigger than my in-law's house).




The view at Susie's room was very nice.



The ceremony of both of my clients was held at Madre de Dios. I was informed prior that the road going there is too steep. We were afraid our car might not make it good thing there was a cable car ride every 30 minutes going to the church and golf course area.


I learned this thru Joan. She opted not to get a bridal car anymore because it was easier and cooler to ride the cable car going to the church :) She had a minute of pictorial during the ride.


This is the view.




I asked my hubby's cousin, Candy, to assist me with the hair last Sunday.


It may seem too steep but it's not creepy really. The cable car is slow and you won't feel like throwing up once you get there. Plus I think the ride only took about 4-5 minutes.


Madre de Dios Chapel



Photos of my clients Susie and Joan walking down the aisle. Aren't they stunning?

Hair and Airbrush Makeup by Kim Tan-RodriguezWedding Makeup Artist

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