Saturday, November 17, 2012

Truth Seeker: My Used To Be Backne Problem

From this post and the coming weeks, I'll be working with a campaign named "Truth Seeker". It aims to clarify the common misconceptions about acne and skin care and I'll be sharing with you my own skin dilemmas and experiences to help people suffering from the same things be more informed.

My skin problems started during my puberty stage. But it's a common things as most of us underwent that stage. But come late 20's I still get a few imperfections. Those that are on the face aren't noticeable as I usually get tiny pimples or "tigidig" in Tagalog. Lucky me huh? And people don't even notice the pimple scars because I always conceal them everytime I go out.

However, you won't see me wearing backless or even sleeveless tops that show some back skin. It's not that I'm conservative. But I'm ashamed of how ugly my back is. Yes, those dreaded little dots piled up on my back then.

I tried almost anything possible. I've become obsessed with cleanliness especially on my body because we all know that hygiene is one of the major culprit of skin problems. I don't touch my skin without washing my hands or putting alcohol. I tried not to stress myself with bad things happening around me. I tried eating healthy and sleeping at least 8 hours a day.

After all the natural things I did in order to clear my backne, I wondered why I still have it. It lessened a bit but I still have it. It can be very frustrating. But I guess it's really on our genes because I wasn't the only one having that problem in our family. During that time, all of my siblings  (except for my only brother, lucky you!) and some of my cousins are suffering from backne too.

The good news is we're in the modern world already and there's a cure for almost every ailment people have. Just because you inherited that skin condition doesn't mean you can't do something about it. So I tried visiting my dermatologist and having my back cleaned regularly, exfoliation and acne treatment creams. I followed my derma's instructions strictly and applied my treatment religously. I tell you diligence and patience is the key when treating skin problems.


I was trying to find a photo of my back when I had that problem before but I guess I was too shy for people to know I have ugly back then. It's always covered haha. Now I still do not have a smooth back because it comes back once in a while but I'm not ashamed of it anymore. Look, I even wore a tube on my wedding day. I'm glad my perseverance paid off.

Will tell you more of my backne and skin story soon!

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