Monday, October 1, 2012

Yves Rocher on Philippine Daily Inquirer (including my photo :))

An old friend commented on my Facebook portfolio that she saw me at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I didn't believe it at first because of the lack of details hehe. But then another friend told my husband that he saw me on the Wednesday issue of the newspaper. So my husband and I searched online (thank God for the modern technology!) and it's true. I found my photo on the Yves Rocher article.


I attended their Trinoma branch launch a few weeks ago and remembered having a photo-op with the Yves Rocher team. I had no idea it made to the Philippine Daily Inquirer's feature of the brand. Well...I'm just happy and I want to document it hehe.

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MAGGIE said...

Congratulations Ms. Kim! :)Good thing we have PDI as our daily newspaper at home. I can check out the article later. :)