Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Launch of Celeteque Dermoscience 6 skin care lines!

When I saw these products during Celeteque's Dermoscience event held last Thursday at SM Makati, I told myself "Whoaaa! these are a lot". This is because Celeteque Dermoscience came up with products for every skin conditions.

What is Celeteque Dermoscience? These are sets of skin care lines brought to us by Unilab. Having the trademark of medical and health care expertise, Unilab merged with Dermoscience with the  goal for Filipinos to treat skin care as health care. It is a fusion of new active ingredients, technologies and dermatologist-developed solutions for specific beauty concerns.

Complete Céleteque DermoScience Range

Celeteque Dermoscience offers 6 skin care lines: Sun care, Restorative, Hydration, Brightening, Advanced Anti-Aging and Acne Solutions. Keep on reading to see the products included in each line and learn what's appropriate for your skin needs.


Sun Care

One of my skin concerns is skin pigmentation. Although it's minimal, the dermatologist during the event advised me to wear sun protection during the day to prevent sun damage which leads to skin dehydration and premature ageing. We'll never know when we'll be exposed to the sun even when doing our normal activities like driving and doing the grocery. Celeteque Dermoscience sun care line offers lip balm with SPF15, mattifying sunblock with SPF 30, facial moisturizer with SPF 15 and after-sun soothing gel. The lip balm and mattifying sunblock will definitely be a permanent on my arsenal.



It's an intensive anti-ageing line that lift and firm up sagging skin for 50 years and older skin. Target effect is to lift sagging skin by 2mm in just 2 weeks! Has firming day cream, firming overnight cream, instant wrinkle smoothing cream and ultra-lifting concentrated serum. 

Mature skin is one of the challenging thing to deal with when doing makeup. I'm excited to try the instant wrinkle smoothing cream from this line and see its instant effects. Will let you know soon!


I used to envy people with dry skin as makeup seem to last longer on them. But the fact is, people with dry skin tend to mature faster than people with oily skin is not taken care properly. This is because dry skin has a weak capacity to retain water which slows down the cell renewal process, making skin tight dry, rough and tight. This line targets a 90% softer, smoother, moisture balanced skin in 2 weeks. Included in this line are alcohol-free toner, facial wash, exfoliating facial wash, hydrolized moisturizing mist, facial moisturizer, makeup remover wipes.

Eyeing on the mist, facial moisturizer and makeup remover as an addition for my makeup gig kit!



Gentle but effective lightening line to even out skin tone. The dermatoligist advised me to also use these products for my skin pigmentation and acne scars. This line targets to lighten and brighten skin as early as 1 week of continuous usage. Offers dark spot corrector, tri-benefit cream, facial wash and eye tuck plus dark circles lightener. Hmmm why do I have a feeling that the eye tuck + dark circle whitener cream will be a huge hit to the beauty addicts out there?

Advanced Anti-Aging

I think the products in this line is very similar to the Advanced-Trio which was launched recently which included cleansing oil, anti-wrinkle facial moisturizer and concentrated break off capsules. This line has one addition to the family which is the anti-wrinkle collagen gel.


Acne solutions

The first product that got my attention in the entire Dermoscience line is the back acne spray. Oh! this product is a heaven sent. I've been looking for a product like this as you know how hard it is to apply a product on your back without the help of someone. 

Aside from this, the Acne Solutions line includes oil-control toner, acne clearing facial moisturizing gel and acne spot gel. This line targets to clear acne-prone skin in just 1 week.

Check out my shots during the event:


It's another event hosted by the beautiful Ms. Angel Jacob


Check out her sexy nude pumps! I super like!


Models presenting Celeteque's Dermoscience 6 skin care lines


This is the skin analyzer. I wasn't able to try it out though because I was wearing a heavy makeup during that day and I don't wanna remove because hubby and I had a date right after the event haha :) But I am afraid have my skin analyzed as this machine can detect even the deepest skin secret you have haha. This will enable  the skin consultants to know your type of skin and give you the right product recommendations. I think this skin analyzer will be around at different Watson's store for a time so every body can try it. So keep checking their booth at Watson's so you could also have your chance to have your skin checked.

Celeteque Dermoscience is now available in Watsons and SM Department Store Beauty Section.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Love: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer

I never really liked liquid concealers. I've tried some but nothing satisfied me when it comes to coverage and longetivity. However, because Liz, my beauty and fashion editor in POC, raved about Etude House's Surprise Essence Concealer and the pretty FOTDs of Donnarence using it, I decided to give it a try. I told myself that it's not a big loss if I don't like it because it only costs P298.

Etude House Surprise Concealer

This Concealer only has 2 shades available and I got the darker one. I'm lucky that it matches my skintone perfectly. However, for those who have morena skin, I recommend the Makeup Forever full cover concealer for you if you prefer liquid concealers as it has a wide variety of shades available. For me, it works better as it is waterproof but the price is way more expensive compared to this.  

Etude House Surprise Concealer

The photo on the left is my skin with Etude House Pore Cover and Surprise Concealer alone. I'm really amazed with the coverage. Wearing it alone, it made my freckles unnoticeable. What more if I top it with a foundation right? What impressed me more is it doesn't cake and last really long.

Tip:  To get the maximum coverage, dot an ample amount on your imperfection then blend the ends onto the skin until it's unnoticeable. Do not rub or drag the concealer on top. Set it with powder right away to help the product stay put. Note: I raved this product because I really liked it. I bought this using my own money and am not affiliated with the brand. Try it on your own discretion.

Etude House Surprise Concealer is love <3 <3 <3 

Friday, August 26, 2011

How to achieve beach waves hairstyle using tight twists technique

One of the perks I get in writing for POC is that I learn so much in every article that I write. I recently wrote one on how to achieve curly hair but I think it's not yet up. My favorite from the techniques I discovered from my research is this tight twists technique to achieve beach waves. So I decided to try it before I attended an event a while ago.

It's very easy I tell you. Just prep your hair using a volumizing mousse or a curl booster to help hold the curls. Section your hair. Make super tight twists with each section. You can use a hairpin to secure each twists.

Waves using Tight Twist Technique

Blowdry each twists for about 2 minutes each. Heat makes the curling process faster.

Waves using Tight Twist Technique

Lightly spray your your with hairspray to help keep the curls. And here's the result! Messy beach waves :) Style it anyway you want it

Waves using Tight Twist Technique

It's not perfect for the first time because I think I overapplied the curl booster but I still liked the result. Not my usual straight hair or the too tight curls.

Try it and let me know if you liked it too :) Enjoy the long weekend to all my Philippine readers!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hair and Makeup Portfolio: Prenup at Enchanted Kingdom

Last week, I did hair and makeup for one of my December brides Roch Brillo at Enchanted Kingdom. It's been years since I've been in that place so I was a bit excited to see what has change. Hmmm..when we arrived nothing changed really but the setting and the happy couple made the day very fun I didn't feel like I was working. 

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Roch is a very happy girl. She was excited for their prenuptial photoshoot from the start to the end. I really loved working with her. She kinda reminds me of Shen of The jolly personality, the tone of the voice and some physical similarities..See the photos to see if I'm right haha. Miss you Shen!

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

For Roch's makeup, I made it look natural as it fits her bubbly personality and the outfits she brought. I just made it a little darker for their last peg. Here are the products I used on her:

Laura Mercier Secret Finish as her primer
Laura Mercier camouflage cream/RCMA foundation to conceal 
OCC skin airbrush foundation
Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder

Roch's eyebrows are so thick and black so I just used the Smashbox light brown eyebrow powder to fill in the gaps then topped with MAC Girl Boy 
Paul and Joe eyeshadow primer
Elizabeth Arden Neutral palette
Majolica Majorca Automatic eyeliner brown
Maybelline Cateyes Mascara

Blush in the Elizabeth Arden Neutral palette
Makeup Forever Contouring Powder

Roch's own from Maybelline

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

According to Roch, Enchanted Kingdom has nice and affordable packages for those who want to have their prenuptial photoshoot there. I think it was worth it because there's an endless number of nice spots to take photos there and the food served at Amazon Grill was really delish! Visit the Enchanted Kingdom website for more information.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Portfolio: Hair and Makeup for Chiaki Morita

Aki is one of my favorite models to work with as she has a good attitude and professionalism. I was glad when she asked me to do her hair and makeup for a photoshoot as it has been 1.5 years when we last worked together.

Hair and MAkeup by Kim Rodriguez

She told me that the client is a Japanese and is very particular with the kind of work delivered and ethics. That's why I ensured that I arrive way ahead of time :) For her makeup, they wanted her to look smoldering but not too strong or dark. For her hair, the client want it straight with volume.

It's been the second time I used the RCMA foundation for a photoshoot and I'm liking the results. Very clean and flawless.

That's all for now! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hair and Makeup Portfolio: Czarina Cabrera


I was excited when Czarina asked me to do her hair and makeup for their prenuptial photoshoot. We were classmates all our highschool years and we haven't seen each other for years. This gig was a very nice reunion wasn't it?


Rina has a very beautiful skin. All she's concerned about is her eyebags and open pores in the nose.


For her makeup, she wanted it natural but with a bit of color. She told me that she's only conscious about her eyebrows and eyelashes. Here are the products I used on her:


Celeteque Moisturizer
Graftobian setting spray to lessen creasing
Laura Mercier oil-free foundation primer
Majolica Majorca Pore Cover (for her open pores in the nose)
RCMA cream foundation 
Makeup Forever HD Powder for setting

MAC Painterly Paintpot
Elizabeth Arden Matte Eyeshadows
Majolica Majorca automatic liner (brown)
Landmark lashes (to make her lashes thicker)
Maybelline Cateyes Mascara

MAC Blush in Mocha
Makeup forever contouring powder

Stila Long-wearing Liquid Lipstick
topped with the new Revlon lip gloss

Here are some of the teaser shots she sent me:





Congratulations Rina! Enjoy your wedding preps

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Want to hide or get rid of scars?

A one-millimeter scar on the face is a one-kilometer scar on the heart. Because those unsightly marks can be , the main focus on the face, they can affect anyone not only physically but also emotionally because of the discomfiture these marks can bring.

As you can see in this bare face of mine, I have a number of pimple scars and freckles. Aside from that, I have a huge scar on my back due to a minor operation I had a few years ago where I also discovered that I'm  a keloid former :(

We’re lucky to be in a generation where modern procedures are already available to lighten or remove scars completely; some people blow serious money on those because of the guaranteed efficacy. However, for girls (or boys) who are on a budget, check our the article I wrote for POC to get rid of those scars or if not hide it using makeup. The process may be slower but at least you get a fighting chance against those pesky marks!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Guess Who's Gonna Try NIVEA Pure and Natural Products Next?

, gi
Happy Friday to all! I would like to thank these ladies who joined my NIVEA giveaway. 

NIVEA Giveaway Winners

We all need to take care of ourselves by living a healthy lifestyle as early as now. Eating vegetables and fruits daily, exercise, avoid drinking and smoking, keeping yourself hydrated, choosing organic or natural products to eat or use on our body are just simple ways to start our healthy lifestyle.

NIVEA Giveaway Winners

Look who picked the ladies who will get the NIVEA products! hehe

Congratulations to Bachuchay and Belle! I'll send you an email for your shipping details. 

Eat healthy and live right!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rave: Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Colors

Have you ever found a lip color that is long-lasting but non-drying? I did! It's the Stila Long Wear Lip Colors.

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color 

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color

I got myself two shades: petal and patina. These lip colors are rich, super pigmented, PROVEN LONG-LASTING and non-drying based from my experience. It is housed in a lipgloss-like tube and glides the same making it easy to apply. You just have to be careful in applying because this is super pigmented much like the OCC Lip Tars. You'll need very little to cover the entire lips perfectly. Then once it sets, the finish is matte. 

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color

What I'm most impressed about this product is that it's long-lasting but non-drying. A little bit of the color comes off when I eat but most of the time the color stays. And at the end of the day, there's still a hint of color even without reapplying. It is also non-drying unlike the other long-wearing lip colors I've tried. As stated on the Stila website, it's enriched with ultra-conditioning Vitamin E and avocado oil and the Long Wear Liquid Lip Color hydrates and seals in moisture to soften the lips all day.

Here are the swatches of the shades I have:

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color

Petal and Patina

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color

In this photo, I'm wearing Petal which is a pale pink.

Stila Long Wearing Lip Color

This is the Patina which is a warm nude.

What I like about this product:

- The colors are rich and pigmented.
- The color lasts for as long as 8 hours.
- Non-drying. But for those people who have super dry lips, I recommend to exfoliate the lips first then apply a lip conditioner before applying the color.
- Easy to apply.
- You can mix the colors to achive a different shade. I usually mix petal and patina to create a lighter pinkish nude color.

What I don't like:
- There are only 6 shades available but you as I've said you can mix it to create a different shade. 
- Quite expensive for the price of P1k++. Sorry I don't have the exact price info.

Visit GouldyLox Review's blog for the swatches of the other 4 shades. For more reviews about this product, check out EyeAdorePretty and MakeupandBeautyBlog's feature about the Stila Long Wear Lip Colors.

Have you heard about the restaurant in For Bonifacio named "The Goose Station"? Check our my yummylicious foods we've tried during the Estee Lauder event on my mommy and food blog. Ciao!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Different Kind of "Shoot"

I never imagined myself firing a gun before. Just the thought of it scares me. But last Saturday, our family attended an inauguration of a relative's new events place and firing range located at Cubao, Q.C. A new place needs a stress test so everyone was given a "fire-all-you-can" pass. The hubby and cousins forced me to try-out and I don't know why I got easily convinced.


All out smile to hide the nerves!


A certified instructor was there to guide the shooters *naks* especially the first timers.


It took me a few minutes before I was able to fire my very first and it made me shout "AYYY" after hitting the trigger. The force made my hand wiggle a bit. The first gave me a little confidence and excitement for the next shots.


Look! I hit the middle twice haha. Not bad for the first time eh?


If you're looking for a firing range in Quezon City, check out Commander Shooting Range Sports Club. The address is in the photo above. They also have an events place which can accommodate up to 200 persons. The place is really really nice!
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I love to blog about my make-up, beauty, parenting, and other personal adventures in this site.

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