Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Portfolio: Hair and Makeup for Twinkle Fabros

I have been quite busy preparing my makeup artist portfolio so I have something to show the brides-to-be that I'll be meeting at the Themes and Motifs Bridal Fair this weekend. (Sorry I kept on plugging on my posts haha). While browsing my files, I saw the photos of my most recent hair and makeup gig for a photoshoot.


Our model's name is Twinkle Fabros. She's only 19 years old. Doing her hair and makeup was so effortless because she has nice skin, fine facial features and trouble-free long hair. The only thing I did is make her look a little bit more mature for the concept of the shoot.


beauty_twinkle (2)

Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez
Photo by Kenneth Chan
Styling by Aimee Po

Feel free to comment :) Good night blogger world!

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AskMeWhats said...

Kimmy!! ang ganda nga niya and you did manage to pull of the mature look with the hair and makeup :) congrats!