Tuesday, May 24, 2011

KASHIECA for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

During the Bench, Kashieca, Human Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011, Kashieca showcased attractive elegant pieces from its newest collection. Check out some of the photos I took during the show:

Kashieca Philippine Fashion Week 2011

Very feminine and chic below-the-knee skirts, cardigans and 3/4 tops. 

Kashieca Philippine Fashion Week 2011

Color Blocking maxi dresses and long skirts

Kashieca Philippine Fashion Week 2011

Long pants, skirts and shorts for girls on-the-go

The Kashieca fashion show was ended by a short part for the brand's new scent Homage by Randy Ortiz.

Homage by Kashieca

Homage by Kashieca

 The audience sniffed a nice citrus aroma as the HOMAGE scent was sprayed in the air at the SMX Convention Hall 1 & 2.

Homage by Kashieca

This new scent from Kashieca represents women of glamour and power as seen in the designs of the pieces the models were wearing.

Homage by Kashieca

Homage by Kashieca

I'm happy that I got my very own Homage by Randy Ortiz perfume to try. It gives me a refreshing delicious scent appropriate for the kind of weather that we have in the Philippines right now.

I honestly was surprised with Kashieca's new collection. I usually get intimadated by the designs I find in their stores but those I've seen during the show were the kind of clothes I would totally wear. I really liked it. How about you? What do you think?


MadeByJulietta said...

Very clever how they sprayed the scent into the audience :)


AskMeWhats said...

Nice! i wasn't able to go but base on photos, the collection looks nice ha!

Uy, bongga polish mo!:D

KIm said...

MadebyJulietta: Yeah!

Nikki: Sayang...hehe it's Sally Hansen Complete Salon Nail Polish. Nice cia :)

Issa said...

yup, i would say it is totally wearable in the office! nice....

Makeup in Oakville said...

Really nice collection of dresses.