Friday, May 6, 2011

Eco-Friendly | Vegan Nail Polish: SPAritual

Yesterday, I visited Beauty and Butter, a very chic nail salon located at the 5th level of SM Megamall. Will tell you more about my experience there on my next posts. But what really caught my attention is this set of SPAritual nail polishes. It's the first "eco-friendly" / vegan nail polish available in the Philippines I know.  

Sparitual Vegan Nail Polish

According to the SPAritual website, their nail colors are made of only vegan ingredients, naturally colored and free of synthetic chemicals (DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene). They are continuously working on improving their products' sustainability and exerting efforts to be the forefront of environmental awareness. If I had known this brand when I was pregnant, I would have sported a lot of nail colors in that 9-month period. I'm not sure if this is safe for pregnant women though. I'm just assuming because it's free of chemicals and doesn't have a strong acrylic scent :). Beauty and Butter staff said that it helps make the nails stronger which is what I really need right now. It's still best to ask your doctor.

Sparitual Vegan Nail Polish

You can try SPAritual nail polishes at any Beauty and Butter nail salon. I think they're the only one that offers it but they're not selling. You just have to add P60 if you choose to have it applied on your nails instead of their regular nail polishes. They currently have 12 shades available. Limited choice but they're all pretty. I really like this eggplant nail color I chose. It's rare (I think!) 

Do you know any eco-friendly nail colors available locally? Please share. I think I wanna shift to this kind.


Aya said...

Too bad they're not selling. A lot of people would appreciate these kinds of nail polish :D

skysenshi said...

Awww, sayang they're not selling. I haven't been putting polish on my nails in years but I'd like to try this.

*KiM* said...

oo nga eh I hope they sell! BB please please please hehe

Lisa said...

Buff Spa was the first one to use SR. Mint in MOA also uses SR. There's another brand that's friendly too - Zoya.

Abbey said...

I've met the exclusive Philippine distributor of SpaRitual, Ms. Shelly Lazaro. The same person who brought in Skin Doctors and Luminess Air. She has a sales ofc along Katipunan Ave (beside Skin Doctors clinic), White Plains/St Ignatius area. You can buy the complete range of SpaRitual nail polish there. Over 100 colors to choose from! Here's the number: 913-9920, 434-3434. I think she also has SpaRitual counters in Rustan's.

Anonymous said...

Zoya is a lot better.