Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Nice and Affordable Place to Stay in Tagaytay

We've always wanted to bring our baby out-of-town and Tagaytay is the easiest and nearest place to travel for us with the little one. And last February there we went with my daddy and in-laws to unwind.

For our accommodation, we chose to stay at Tagaytay Haven. We're very particular with this because we we have oldies and a baby with us. My hubby and I wanted a place that is clean, affordable, has nice location and must be stroller/wheel-chair friendly. Then we remembered Tagaytay Haven which has a Jollibee franchise in front of it when we passed by the Mendez road when we last went there.

Tagaytay Haven

The hotel seemed new. And it is! We learned that they just started operations last October 2010. We honestly chose it because of the Jollibee in front. haha takot lang magutom! Food wouldn't be your problem if you just want to hangout inside the hotel instead. We didn't bother to order the breakfast at the hotel  which costs Php 150 above :)

Tagaytay Haven
Plenty parking slots for the hotel guests

Tagaytay Haven

The owner of Tagaytay Haven also owns that Jollibee franchise that's why there's also a connecting bridge between them.

If you notice, there are only 3 floors and they have no elevators. That's why we requested to reserve us a room on the first floor so our parents wouldn't have a hard time climbing up the stairs and if ever we decide to bring our baby's stroller.

Tagaytay Haven

The room we stayed at is good for 6 persons. There was 2 double-sized bed and 2 single beds. Sorry dad and Liam! I can't find a photo that shows how big the room was better than this haha.

tagaytay haven

It's airconditioned, has tv with cable, clean and spacious bathroom, telephone and a sofa. They said they have free wi-fi but we had problems connecting all throughout our stay. I guess their wi-fi can't reach the rooms because that's the only complaint of people who have been there based from our research.
tagaytay haven

They have nice reception area with newspaper, magazines and mineral water. My baby loved playing at that area :)

Philippines - "TAGAYTAY" Set of 4 Mini-Mousepad Coasters

Overall, it's a nice hotel with all the things you need for an overnight stay. It also fits our budget very well. If I remember correctly we only paid Php 600 per person for the overnight stay. Of course the baby is free :)

Tagaytay Haven is located at Mendez past Robinson’s Supermarket and Savemore. 
Look out for the Jollibee place on the right side of the road and it's just behind it.

For inquiries, call:
0922-8934869 / 046-483-0106

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Paulo said...

nice pictures kim! galing!!! :)

Rins said...

This is very timely as my sister is planning a quick getaway to Tagaytay with her hubby. :)