Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Current Sheer Pink Lipstick: Paul and Joe 071 Afternoon Delight

I'm loving the pink lipstick I got from Paul and Joe's 4th birthday bash which is part of the Parasol collection launched that day. I have a lot of pink lipsticks but I found myself reaching for this one everyday.

Paul and Joe lipstick Parasol collection

Not only because it's sooo cute to tote around. The girly pink floral packaging is so enticing that you never forget to put it in your purse when choosing the makeup to bring.

Paul and Joe lipstick Parasol collection

Paul and Joe Lipstick 071 "Afternoon Delight"

Paul and Joe Lipstick 071 Parasol Collection

Even the product has a flower encrypted on it.

Paul and Joe Lipstick 071 Parasol Collection

Paul and Joe lipstick Parasol collection

It gives your lips a little shine and hint of pink. Just my kind of color for any normal day. It's moisturizing on the lips too. It doesn't last that long however especially if you're a lipstick eater like me. But I don't mind reapplying this :)

What's your current everyday lipstick? Please share :)

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lala_sky said...

a friend of mine has that too and when i tried it, i fell in love with it. i'll be buying one soon.

sugar sugar said...

i want this! i seriously want to pick this up since marlon showed it to me the last time i visited the P&J counter at rustan's but i have a thing against paper packaging hehe. >.<"

*KiM* said...

@lala_sky - yeah it's nice. Will wait for your post about it :)

@sugar sugar. packaging is nice :) although paper packaging won't really last longer than plastic.