Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Paul & Joe Philippines!

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

What do I like about Paul & Joe? This question was asked to the guests when Paul & Joe celebrated it's 4th year in the Philippines last March 23.
  • They have the cutest packaging ever. This brand is truly a head turner in Rustan's Makati. I honestly fell in love with the packaging first before the actual products :)
  • They have one of the best dual powder foundations for me. Yes they are expensive but delivers very nice results: smooth finish, not cakey, refills available...I realized that I just hit pan on this product and I haven't made a review of it. Must-do-it-soon!
  • Paul and Joe eyebrow pencil is my favorite among all.
  • They have very unique eyeshadow formulation. Very easy to blend that you could do a very well blended eye makeup using your fingers.
These are just my opinions on the products of the brand that I've tried. Four years of consistently delivering quality products. Cheers to Paul and Joe!

During the celebration, they also launched their 2011 Spring collection called "Parasol".

Paul and Joe - The Parasol collection is a fun and decadent collection inspired by “Women with a parasol” and other impressionist artworks that captures the sensual essence of indulgent spring afternoon. Drift away under the shadow of a parasol and let your imagination wander , as you gaze at the twirling colors that seems to dance from the cascading sunlight. Dare to dream with the delectable colors of spring that promise to awaken you soul and stir your senses.

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

Here are closer shots of the collection from Paul & Joe:


Eyeshadow sets in a Hexagon Floral Box


Eyeshadow duos


Pink Shades Lipsticks in Floral Tubes


Nail Enamels

Some of my snaps of the event:

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

The event was held at Lusso Restaurant in Greenbelt 5 and hosted by the fab model Ms. Angel Cruz.

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

Weird but very interesting iced tea at Lusso restaurant. I should have written this post right after the event because all I can remember about this drink is it's kinda minty and "weird but interesting" is my comment after I tasted it haha. The straw is very cute btw!

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

A makeover was done by Mr. Paulo Maranan, Paul and Joe makeup artist, to a VIP client. Would you believe that she's already in her 40's and a mom of 2? I wish I would look that fab when I reach that age and if ever we decide to have another baby haha. She's been using Paul and Joe skin care and makeup for two years and very satisfied with the results. I have heard nothing but good feedback about P&J's skin care but haven't tried it. I wish I had the budget already!

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

Lusso treats

Paul and Joe 4Th Birthday Bash

There were games, prizes and discounts for the guests too.

Happy Birthday again Paul and Joe! I can't wait to see your next collection. I'm pretty sure it'll be as awesome as ever!

Happy weekend everyone!

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Those macarons and that cake are making me drool. Although Paul and Joe's palettes are interesting...I still keep staring at the baked goodies. Hehe.