Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fish Spa at Manila Ocean Park

We got a great deal at Manila Ocean Park last February that includes Oceanarium, Jellies, Marine Life Show and Fish Spa for only P600. I just don't know if they still have this promo up to now. You can check it at the Manila Ocean Park Site Promo Page to find out.

Ocean Park

I really enjoyed the entire day at that place but my favorite and most unforgettable moment was at the Fish Spa. I didn't want to try it at first because: 1) it's scary 2) just the thought of fish eating your dead skin cells is awkward 3) I just think it's a little unhygienic having a lot of people dip their feet in the pool.

But it's included in the package so sayang naman if I wouldn't try it. We waited until past 7 or 8pm to try it out. There were plenty of people during our trip there so when it was near the closing time, the spa was all ours! hihi :) To address my scare #3, there's water beside the pool so you could wash the dirt off before dipping your feet in the pool and the friendly staff of Manila Ocean Park assured that they clean the water in the pool regularly.

Ocean Park Fish Spa

Fish Spa costs P120 for 20 mins. What's included in our package was only 10 mins. Before we entered, we were given new towels to wipe off our feet after.

There are 2 pools in the spa -- 1 with the bigger and 1 with the smaller ones. Of course I opted to try the latter hehe.

Ocean Park Fish Spa

The photo above is the pool with the bigger Doctor Fishes (as they call it). The Doctor Fishes will nibble and eat your dead skin cells. The tickling sensation helps you relax. They say it helps heal wounds as well. For my scare #1, this type of fish has no teeth (accoding to the staff), so it wouldn't hurt. In fact, it's very ticklish at first but you'll get used to it after a few minutes and that's the time to transfer to the other pool. They say that the bigger ones are more effective in removing the icky skin in your feet.

Ocean Park Fish Spa

That's me enjoying the Fish Spa

Ocean Park Fish Spa

My feet was unbelievably smooth after that. It was very fun and kinda addicting! For those planning to go to Manila Ocean Park, I highly recommend that you try it.

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