Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Le Bistro Vert: Where I've tried the best chocolate cake in town!

le bistro vert

Valrhona Sansrival - Php 195

Over a month have passed since I've tasted this Valrhona Sansrival from Le Bistro Vert and its tang remains fresh in my mind. It has a very luscious chocolate icing that has just the right amount of sweetness with a perfect blend of nuts and cream. It's the best chocolate cake I've tried so far!

le bistro vert

Le Bistro Vert is a restaurant located at Salcedo Village, Makati City that promotes sustainable foods. Meaning they use only organic ingredients in the food they serve. My husband and I got tired of being bloated from buffets so we tried this restaurant for our 2nd anniversary. And we made the right choice! Le Bistro Vert is a nice place for celebrations and intimate gatherings.

le bistro vert

The place looked bigger with the high ceiling and very attractive interior.

le bistro vert

le bistro vert

We were served with super thinly sliced kamote chips while waiting for our order.

le bistro vert

Watermelon + green mango shake
Peach + orangeshake

I didn't know watermelon and green mango taste awesome together. The other one is just ok for me.

le bistro vert

Le Bistro Vert Signature Salad - Pho 275

Poached organic egg, greens, home made bacon, goat cheese and bistro vinaigrette

le bistro vert

Goat cheese is love!

le bistro vert

Marinated Gindara with Blue Cheese Butter - Php 350

le bistro vert

Chicken Mango Asparagus Roulade - Php 350

le bistro vert

Garlic Brown Rice

Everything we ordered were suggested by their staff. It was our first time there so we figured that their people knows best. My hubby and I loved everything we tried that day. Kudos to Le Bistro Vert! Nothing is better than eating delicious and healthy food.


AskMeWhats said...

as in?? Super sarap? hahahahha kelangang ma try ni Keith yan! :)

nicquee said...

Thanks for sharing this, I'd love to try this restaurant in the future.

Kim said...

Yes Nikki! You should both try. Hmmm yum yum gusto ko ulit bumalik don. Pricey for a slice of cake but it's unforgetable :)

Thanks for visiting Nicquee :)

skysenshi said...

Ooh, nakakain na ako dito, super sarap siya! The kamote chips = love.