Paul & Joe Makeup Makeover Winners

As promised, I'm announcing the winners of the Paul & Joe makeup makeover GC's. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to respond to some inquiries. I was out of town last weekend and the hotel wifi failed me :(

Thanks for these girls who joined this giveaway and to Paul & Joe Philippines of course!

Using the online random picker, here are the 5 lucky ladies who will receive the Makeup Makeover GCs. Please check your email so I could send them to you right away.

Congratulations and enjoy your Paul & Joe Makeover! I'm sure you'll all love it.


Weeeee!!! First time ever to win in a blog contest! And a P&J makeover to boot. Excited na ako. Hehehe.
sugar sugar said…
congrats to the winners! :3 i just saw your post on P&J's FB book page so i followed your blog. ;)
Issa said…
yehey! thanks miss kim! and thanks to paul and joe! :)
Thanks a lot Kim!!My first time to have a make up makeover!!so excited!
twinkoolet said…
Congratulations to the winners!! :)
Is the GC going to be sent by email or snailmail?
Kim said…
Hi ellen! I've already sent your GC. Enjoy!

Thanks Guys!
Hehehe! Excited much.

Anonymous said…
Hi! got it this morning. Thanks again! :)

Issa said…
got the GC already miss kim, thanks!... till when is this valid?
Kimberly said…
oh my gosh! I won... very late to check my email so many errands to do...

really glad that i've won! yey! yey! congrats to all the winners :)

already replied to your email kim :)thanks so much for this wonderful experience
*KiM* said…
According to Paul & Joe it's valid until the end of Feb but there's nothing indicated in the GC noh? So I guess you can use it anytime hehe. But I'll ask them again to be sure. Thanks guys!

@Kimberly. Just got your details. Will send it through LBC today :)
Issa said…
aawww, if it's till end of this feb., meaning till this weekend only....hope you could ask them po...thanks again! :)
kimberly said…
received the GCs kim thanks so much,,, :)

any updated till when we can use it :)

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