Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eat-All-You-Can at Yakimix, Greenbelt

Yakimix Sushi Smokeless Grill has become the newest favorite buffet resto of the people we know. Because of the positive feedbacks we've heard about it, my hubby and I have been very eager to try. We're supposed to try it on our 2nd anniversary, but one Friday morning we saw the 499 lunch buffet on weekdays sign (we didn't breathe for a few seconds that time haha). Since we haven't taken our breakfast yet that day and P499 is way cheaper compared to their P580 price on weekends, we gave it a go!


The branch featured in this post is in Greenbelt.

Yakimix opens at 11 am. We were there 10:45 am and we were the first to reserve so we got the nicest seat near the sushi and dessert area. I was surprised how Yakimix got filled with people in just a few minutes!


Yakimix staff preparing the smokeless grille stove. I didn't smell like food after because of this :)


Cutie high chair for kids. I hesitated to put my baby there at first but when I found out how to fasten it properly, it's steady and secure (considering that my baby is very active!)

I wasn't able to take photos of all the food though because a staff told me that taking photos of the food from the buffet tables is prohibited. Food photos here are only those we tried :)



They have a wide selection of sushi. I tried to get 1 of each kind (I think!). This plate made me so full already.



Marinated raw foods to grill


Some people say that they find the taste of Yakimix grilled food a bit bland. Since it was our first time, my hubby asked a staff to assist us in making the sauce for the grilled foods. We don't know what sauces she mixed but it was so good.



Tempura and other Korean dishes






They also have many choices for desserts. Some are just too sweet that we had a hard time finishing it because we were so bloated already. I suggest you get the red ribbon cakes and Selecta ice cream with toppings.



Even though the place was jam-packed that day, the staff was very attentive and accommodating. Overall, a visit to Yakimix Sushi Smokeless Grill restaurant is worth it. It surely is a great place for large groups since the ambiance is great for gatherings while enjoying great food.

Yakimix Buffet Prices:
P 499 Lunch Buffet Monday to Saturday
P 580 Dinners, Sunday and holiday lunches
P55 for drink-all-you-can.
P380 Kids below 4 ft.


MariaKristela said...

Drooling over the desserts!

I have always wanted to eat at Yakimix but the place is full every time I go to the Greenbelt and MOA branches. I hope to finally try it soon. :)

Jenny said...

our first yakimix visits were in the macapagal - hobbes branch. and despite having opened in nearby MoA, this branch is still always full!! definitely value for money. their sister resto - king one shabu shabu is also good!

donnarence said...

i did not enjoy my yakimix experience.. i have to agree that the food was quite bland.. :C i only liked the flavored popsicle haha

crickette inserto said...

Now, we're definitely gonna eat here!

Lovera | Your Way to Radiant and Beautiful Skin said...

The food is well presented and truly a must try restaurant.