Monday, January 31, 2011

My TBS Body Butters

As soon as I learned that I was having a baby, I hoarded Cocoa and Shea body butters from The Body Shop. Honestly? Having stretch marks is the first thing that scared me. Spreading body butters on my tummy instead of scratching during itch-attacks is better so I got addicted to it. And I believe that it really worked coz I have very minimal pregnancy marks. That's how my love for TBS body butters started.

I took photos of my current TBS Body Butter collection:



The Body Shop's Best Selling Body Butter: Wild Cherry. This is the one I'm currently using. Very nice fruity smell.


TBS Lemon Body Butter



Last Jan 13, 2011, I was invited to The Body Shop's Blog Me Buttercup Blogger event. Unfortunately, I got caught up in a gig and arrived late so I wasn't able to join the activities. Sorry TBS :(

The bloggers were tasked to create their own unique scent using the TBS Body Butters currently available Olive, Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Shea Butter, Moringa, Sweet Lemon and Satsuma.

They were given mini spoons and containers for mixing. I didn't know we can do this! Now I won't get tired of the scents of my body butters. I'm excited to buy the other body butters and play like a chemist making my own hehe. They're currently on sale btw!



Team Rowena, Michelle and Nikki won the challenge with their awesome watermelon scent. Congratulations girls!

Have you tried TBS Body Butters? What's your favorite?


billie said...

Thanks so much Kim! :) Can't wait to see you soooon! :D

Shea Butter said...

My boyfriend bought me Wild Cherry Body Butter from The Body Shop. I am relatively satisfied with this product.
First of all, the scent of wild cherries is really delightful.It is delicate but lasts for several hours.I am glad with this because my previous body butter had a really strong even annoyning smell. I strongly recommend it for everyone who loves fruity smells. I have a normal skin and this creamy product moistures my skin deeply and hydratetes it. I use it every morning after shower and even in the evening I still feel my skin moistured.