Monday, November 15, 2010

Meeting the New Creamsilk Pink Lady, Ms. Venus Raj

Last Thursday's event was one of those I'm most excited about. If you've seen Creamsilk's new TVC, they've chosen one of the most talked-about personality this present year Ms. Venus Raj to represent not only their product but their Women Empowerment Program as well.

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

I got to meet her face to face during the launch. I became a fan of her beauty, height, skin and personality since her name became the buzz in the country. But I regret not wearing high heels though because I looked like a fat dwarf beside her (as I mentioned in FB hahaha).

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

The event was held at LU Restaurant Joya Building, Rockwell Makati. Before it started, we were entertained by the owner himself Mr. Luis Terry. Such a humble and jolly man! LU Restaurant serves Mediterranean food. It's a perfect place for intimate gatherings and events because of its very appealing ambiance and menu.

Here are my food shots:

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

Lamb Panini

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

Sorry I forgot the name of this dish. It's a pasta with sardines. Love it!

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

Oh how I love this cheesecake!

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

The place was decorated with pink by the Creamsilk team.

Creamsilk and Venus Raj,Creamsilk and Venus Raj,Creamsilk and Venus Raj

Bloggers were also given the chance to ask questions from the beauty queen. From her very humble beginnings, she told us how she managed to finish studies and achieve her dreams through hardships, dedication and faith. I was inspired by her story that when she was young, she only has one uniform that her mother would wash it as soon as she gets home. But that didn't stop her from striving. In order to finish college, she applied for scholarships and was able to graduate Cum Laude at the Bicol University. She said that she would like to inspire people that there are ways to attain your dreams despite the lack of material things and money. For me, Creamsilk did a very wise decision of choosing her as their new "pink lady".

Model: Meanne Estacio  Photographer: Jay Sanvictores Location: Retrato Studio Hair and Makeup by Kim Rodriguez

In this photo are the some of the scholars of Unilever's Women Empowerment Program. Each year, female students from UP and PUP taking up male-dominated courses like Engineering and Architecture are given a chance to have scholarships through this program. Isn't it very nice to know that there are programs like this for those who couldn't afford to go to college? You just need to look for opportunities like what Ms. Venus Raj did.

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

There was a surprise for bloggers before the event ended. Each of us were asked to pick an envelope. And who ever gets this message:

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

wins a pink Polaroid digital camera! And I was so lucky that day!

Creamsilk and Venus Raj

Phoebe and I happy with our new girly digicam :) Thanks for letting me grab the pic!

What do you think of Venus Raj being the new Creamsilk empowered Filipina?


00000 said...

Nice! Congratulations on winning the pink camera, so cute. I think Venus Raj is the perfect choice to represent Creamsilk's Women Empowerment Program. Dedma sa "major major", she's so much more than just a pretty face and her story is truly inspiring. :)

Lee []

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Kristine said...

Hi Kim,

The pasta above is the sundried,roasted and fresh tomato penne topped with deep fried sardines.

I am glad you liked the lemon yogurt cheesecake. My favorite as well....:)