Monday, October 4, 2010

Tips on How to Make Your Lip Color Last

I know most women don't bother applying lipstick from time to time. That process can sometimes be so addicting :) But there are occasions where retouch isn't possible so it is very important to know a technique on how to make your lip color durable.

Here are the beauty addict's tips on how to make your lip color last for hours:

1) Use a lip color base. I use either a lip tint or a lip pencil on a well-moisturized lips.



I have used a couple of Style-Style lip stains.


Pens intended for the lips indeed!

Fanny Serrano Lip Pencil

I got a lot of Fanny Serrano lip pencils as freebies on one of my purchases from the brand last year. I've been using them and this Elizabeth Arden lip pencil lately.

For this post, I used the Fanny Serrano lip pencil 05 for my base. It's lighter than the lip color I used but it is more proper to choose a base with the same color as your lipstick.

2) Apply the base on your entire lips then press your lips on a paper towel.

make lipstick last

make lipstick last

2) Apply your lip color then repeat the process.

graftobian lip palette

I used the bright red color on the Graftobian lip palette.

make lipstick last,make lipstick last,make lipstick lastItalic

make lipstick last

3) To make it even more durable, repeat the process one last time.

make lipstick last

I hope I was able to share something useful :) Try these tips and let me know your experience.

Happy Monday!

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