Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Beauty Addict food trip at Max's Restaurant

After the Estee Lauder event last Saturday, my husband and I had dinner at Max's restaurant. Would you believe that after 9 years of dating and 1.5 years of marriage it's the first time I was able to convince him to try it? haha. My hubby's not a fan of chicken without gravy that's why. I told him that Max's restaurant serves a lot of good dishes aside from chicken and he said yes at last!

We tried this time:

Max's Veggie BItes,Max's Veggie BItes

Veggie Lumpia Bites - Php 84

Served with a mayo-mustard dip. It's good but I got fed up with its taste after I finished 2 pieces. I think it's better to dip it in vinegar.

MAx's SIzzlingTofu

Sizzling Tofu - Php 163
This is a must-try dish of Max's restaurant for me. I like the creamy spicy combination.

Max's Fried Chicken

Max's Fried Chicken Half Regular - Php 183

Of course Max's specialty. Hubby gave it a try but...hmmm still the same haha. I love it though and I can finish this all by myself :)

Total of our orders is Php 498 and we were able to take home a lot for the next meal. Food, price and serving is very good. We were also very satisfied with the service we got at Max's Glorietta branch.

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