Monday, August 2, 2010

Breastfeed fashionably

Happy Breastfeeding Month! I want to help the advocates raise awareness of the advantages of breastfeeding so I'm dedicating my posts for the entire month to it.

Moms today are so lucky! Why? Because breastfeeding now is more accepted by our society. People are continuously thinking of ways on how to make it a breeze for every mom. At first, I didn't know that I could still wear kikay (fashinable) clothes while breastfeeding my baby in public. These clothes are so cool people won't even notice what you're doing.

If you're wondering how a nursing wear is used, check out this pic in Jenny's multiply store.

One of my favorites is Mommy Matters:

Kim at Tintin Bersola's Baby Shower Party
All of us in this pic except Tintin Bersola, are wearing nursing wears from Mommy Matters. For me, they offer the most affordable of all the nursing wear brands out there. I even purchased from their one dozen promo. They also offer fit-at-home service which is very convenient especially for those moms who just gave birth.

Another brand I love is . I purchased a couple of Nursing Bra and Girdle in one from them which is very useful since I still need a girdle after five months. I use this if I want to wear comfy tees. No straps to unclock. I just have to lift my top and pull it without anyone seeing my fats haha.

A brand which I always dream of having is Mothers En Vogue. A brand from Singapore that offers very fashinable and sexy nursing and maternity wears.

Kim Rodriguez's favorite style from Mother's En VoguePhoto from

I wanna have this style but it's just too expensive for me.

Mama Au Lait also opened a shop at Wilson, Greenhills. I haven't checked their nursing wear lines but I've been planning to visit and purchase a Bumbo seat for my baby one of these days once I have the budget.

I also frequently visit Jenny's site, an online seller of various nursing wears and accessories. She caters almost all a nursing mom needs.

I guess I haven't explored much yet but I get excited everyday discovering new breastfeeding paraphernalia. These are the rewards moms get with the money they get to save because of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding makeup addict

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