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UNICEF and SM Event: You & Me & Mommy: We All Support Breastfeeding Mommies

My son turned 6 months 3 days ago. Purely breastfeeding him until now is an act I'm truly proud of and I owe this success to people/organizations who are strong on their breastfeeding advocacy.

This is the reason why I said yes without hesitation when I was invited to attend the "You and Me and Mommy: We all support our Breastfeeding Mommies" event organized by SM SuperMalls in cooperation with The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and NGO Beauty Brains, and Breastfeeding. This is held in celebration of the World's Breastfeeding Month and aims to remind the families to encourage mothers to exclusively breastfeed their babies for six months.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

Hosted by sportscaster and tv host Patricia Bermudez-Hizon, wife of PBA player Vince Hizon, who also breastfed her two kids.

It was an afternoon filled with informative topics:

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

Interview with Mrs. Abbie Yabot, certified La Leche League Leader, about the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and mommy. She also shared some tips of how to make nursing a pleasant experience. I've met and learned a lot from her in a couple of Support Group meetings conducted by La Leche League monthly.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

A Touch Therapy Demonstration by Johnson & Johnson

Did you know that touch therapy plays a significant role in promoting the proper growth and healthy development of infants? Physically, massage stimulates nerves, increases blood flow and strengthens the immune system. It can relive conditions such as constipation and colic. I've been doing it to my baby ever since and it has been a wonderful bonding time for us.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

Two dads share how they take part in caring for their baby as their wives took on the role of feeding. They also shared on how they supported their partners.

During my baby's first month, I felt incompetent because there are times I can't make my baby stop crying. I also felt exhausted when he won't stop feeding. During those down moments, my hubby will hold my hand, sometimes massage or embrace me. Those simple actions reminded me that I am not alone and made me even stronger.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

Diaper Dads Game

It should really be dad's duty you know? haha

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

"SM Supermalls is working to create and promote a breastfeeding culture in the country. The pioneer breastfeeding stations in our malls have helped 63,000 moms switch to a healthier and more economical feeding option for their infants," said Ms. Bernadette Velasco, Programme Director of SM’s breastfeeding advocacy programme.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

Interview Mrs. Jenny Ong (a lawyer, owner of Mama.Baby.Love and a mommy blogger) about breastfeeding and going back to work. She shared an amazing story on how she put up a "milk bank" in her workplace to help other moms sustain the practice. Her blog has everything you need to know about breastfeeding.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

Interview with Nuriza Abeja-Bangubung, a former beauty queen and Executive Director of "Beauty, Brains, and Breastfeeding". Would you believe that she just weaned her 6 yr old boyand is still breastfeeding her 3 yr. old daughter (see photo above)? Really amazing. I wish I could do that too with my Liam.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

Interview with Mrs. Candice Yaw, co-owner of Mommy Matters, about the things needed when expressing milk at work. In my case, all I need is my double electric pump, 5 bottles (for a 9hr work period), 4 ice packs, cooler bag and a nursing bib.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

The two mommy fashionistas: Janice Villanueva of Mommy Matters and Mommy Pages and Audrey Tan of Au Lait.

The event ended with a fashion show featuring the current nursing wears they're offering. Isn't is cool that breastfeeding moms nowadays can be fashionable too? These pieces were created with special openings for easy access when pumping or nursing.

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

UNICEF and SM Supermalls Breastfeeding Event

For those who are wondering why it is important to exclusively breastfeed your babies on the first 6 months, here are the facts according to UNICEF:

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months has many benefits for the infant and mother. Chief among these is the protection against gastro-intestinal infections, pneumonia and neonatal sepsis which is observed not only in developing but in industrialized countries. The risk of mortality due to diarrhea and other infections increases in infants who are either partially breastfed or not breastfed at all. Breastmilk is also an important source of energy and nutrients in children 6-23 months of age. It can provide one half or more of a child's energy needs between 6 and 12 months of age, and one third of the energy needs between 12 and 24 months. Breastmilk is also a critical source of energy and nutrients during illness and reduces mortality among children who are malnourished.

Adults who are breastfed often have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol as well as lower rates of overweight, obesity and type-2 diabetes. Breastfeeding also contributes to the health and well-being of mothers; it reduced the risk of ovarian and breast cancer and helps space pregnancies.

Thank you SM Supermalls, UNICEF and Beauty, Brains and Breastfeeding for organizing such a wonderful event and for promoting breastfeeding! Support is one of the key ingredients to become successful in this endeavor and I'm glad that big companies/organizations like them are helping out. I hope also that events like this would encourage more moms and moms-to-be to give breastfeeding a try. More power to you all!

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