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The Beauty Addict's Tips on How to Prepare For Make-up School

How do you prepare for make-up school? I've been asked this question a lot of times by my fellow beauty addicts. Since the number of people interested in making make-up as a profession is increasing, this question deserves a post in my blog.

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This photo was taken during my graduation for the Beauty and Make-up Course at Basement Academy. With Mr. Jeave Gabiana, founder of Basement Academy and now the owner of HD Makeup Studio and Academy and Ms. Cheryl Cabanos, my make-up teacher.

Here are the FAQ's when planning to enroll in a make-up school:

1) Which make-up schools in the Philippines is the best?

Our generation is fortunate enough to have a number of reputable make-up schools to choose from. I've listed below the ones I know:

HD Make-up Studio and Academy (formerly Basement Academy)
Lower Ground 5 City and Land Mega Plaza Bldg. ADB Ave. Pasig City

Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS)
2nd Floor, Frank Provost Bldg.
120 Jupiter St. Bel-Air Village Makati Philippines
8953401 to 03 ext 113

Make-up Forever Academy
Serendra Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

School of Fashion and Arts (SOFA)
55 Paseo de Roxas Ave. Makati City, Philippines
8928807 Loc 106/107

La Salle College International (LCI) - Manila
Grd Floor, 111 Paseo De Roxas Bldg.,
Paseo De Roxas cor Legazpi St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229
(632) 840-1543

Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty

formerly located at The Podium
(I heard they're opening a new school somewhere in San Juan...will update this post as soon as I confirm)

In my opinion, all of them are good. You just have to ask if they're offering what you're looking for and if their classes will fit your schedule.

I chose Basement Academy because it's near where I live and my workplace. What also attracted me most is that they also provide models to their students. I don't want to be hassled each class asking all my friends who can model for me :)

2) What products will you be needing for make-up school?

Usually, they'll be giving you a list of things you'll be needing for the course upon enrolling. However, I suggest you do not buy all of those first. Our teacher suggested products to buy for practice on our first day.

If you really can't resist on buying, here are the things that are very essential:
  • Professional Brush Set - I got my very first set from Suesh. You can also get this from several online sellers: Dollface Cosmetics, Dashe Brushes, Royal and Langnickel Brushes, ...and many more
  • Foundations - You only need two shades: the lightest and the darkest. You can always mix depending on your model's skin tone. I suggest that you check out the brands that offers a wide variety of shades. Examples are Revlon, Loreal and MAC.
  • Eyeshadows - It's cheaper and more convenient to buy a palette. One good eyeshadow palette for practice for me is the one from Coastal Scents. Click here to view the photo. It already includes 6 shades of blushes and shades you can use for eyebrows and highlighting and contouring.
  • Lipsticks - There's no need for you to buy all the shades. You just need one for each tone: red, pink, nude, brown. You can always mix to achieve a different color. You may also opt to buy a palette for convenience. Dollface Cosmetics, Cinema Secrets, Graftobian and PAC are some of the brands I know that sell lipstick palettes.
  • Mascara - I love Maybelline mascaras. Example of affordable products with good quality.
  • Other cosmetic tools like sponge, make-up removers, eyebrow shaver, eyelash curler, false eyelashes are available at any department stores.
3) How much money should you prepare for make-up school?

It depends on the school and program you've chosen. Tuition fee ranges from 16,000 to 35,000. Then add up the things you need to buy. It will depend on your preference too. My estimate would be 6,000-8,000.

I hope this post will be helpful to those who are interested in studying make-up. Special thanks to Camille for appreciating my blog!

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Jen said...

Hi hello :) Thank you so much for this post. I am an Interior Design student and I want to do something progressive in my idle time. I have always wanted to study makeup. Have you tried all of the schools you listed? :) And if so, I wonder if MAKE UP FOR EVER also provides models for their learners? :) And one more question, if you HAD to choose between MAKE UP FOR EVER and LA SALLE, which school is better? :)

luv4vintage said...

hi kim, thanks so much for writing about this. i want to study makeup artistry so bad, but i am having second thoughts due to budget issues. but your blog gave me an idea on how much i would need to save up for to be ready. thanks a bunch! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm so thankful to have found your blog site. I have been searching for achdb school bec I couldn't find them anymore at the podium and I'm so glad to know that they just moved. Please update me where they are now located, it is much appreciated. I also graduated from HD school but dissatisfied :(.

*KiM* said...

Hi! I believe ACHDB is now closed. A friend who graduated there told me they just finished the classes at greenhilss but it's closed already. I heard LCI is also closed. I'll update this post once I've verified the information.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to ask because there are different sets of brushes available in the market (16, 18, 21, 28 pcs) but what's the basic or essential brush set needed?

Peter said...

I'm planning to enroll next year. With this, now I know how to prepare for entering a MUA school. I want to do this to become like