Monday, May 4, 2009

Long weekend at Puerto Galera

Hey bloggers!!! I was only gone for a few days and I missed this so much already. =D

I posted last week that hub's band will be playing at Puerto Galera for the final leg of The Ultimate Abduction Tour =) We went there early so we still have time to enjoy the beach.

It was raining hard the day before we left. We're already in the verge of backing out but the organizers told us that the weather there was fine. Thank God it is really was!

At the Batangas Pier with friends

To go to Puerto Galera, you can ride a bus from Alabang to Batangas Pier. Bus fare is P160 + / $3 +. Since we’re a big group and we we have so many things to bring, we opted to rent a van stationed at Star Mall P270/pax.

From the pier, we took a 1-hr + boat ride going to Puerto Galera. Round trip ticket/pax is P400 / $8.

Whew! It took us 6 hours to get there? Why???...coz we were stucked in a traffic at Calamba and the boat waited an hour for passengers. That was really tiring! But felt relieved when we got there and saw the cozy room at Dream Wave hotel which we reserved a month ago.

+ The room where we stayed is clean.

+ The bathroom is spacious.

+ Airconditioning is good.

+ Beachfront.

+ Has a function area where you could see a very nice view of the beach.

- Quite expensive compared to the other beach front hotels in Puerto Galera.

- No free breakfast L and no other amenities included

We got there at 6pm already so dinner time :)

We had ihaw ihaw at White Beach BBQ plaza.

After dinner we watched an event hosted by Nissin Cup Noodles. (Promotion for their new product "Nissin Thai Curry Noodles"). Above is a pic of a girl Poi dancer. She's so good...she even danced blind-folded.

Followed by a Thai-dance.

After that performance, we went to Tipzynakuu Bar to try the famous "Mindoro Sling" hehe.

Accoding to Pinoy Travel Blog: Night life in Puerto Galera is not complete without drinking Mindoro Sling. Mindoro Sling is a popular cocktail drink that is served with slices of apple. It is a mix of rhum, orange juice, mango juice, grenadine syrup and Sprite.

You won’t feel anything while drinking but when you stand up…it’s “whoooww” you'll feel dizzy haha. I'm not much of a drinker so I only had 3 shot glasses. I already felt a bit tipzy with that.

Gay dancers beside the Tipzynakuu Bar

I woke up the next morning at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise =D Saw the staff setting up the stage for that's night event.

Pau and I had breakfast at Food Trip sa Galera. Food is just ok...but with the unlimited garlic rice! bloated.

After that we went snorkling at the Coral Gardens =D For me, it's the best thing to do in that place. No pics though....I want an underwater cam now! huhu...

We got tired of the ihaw-ihaw so we had pizza and pasta for lunch.

5:30 pm. The event was started by Blue Jean Junkies. It was my first time to watch them and I like their rock n roll music =D

Sunset at Galera

2nd band was Placid. With a pretty vocalist who looked like Bianca King...who wouldn't watch them right? hehe

The 3rd band that made the audience alive and kicking was Mayonnaise. Loved their song "Sinungaling" and "Torres".

With friends...we were in front of the stage yay!

Erika and I

Followed by my fave! Hedgezero. I took a vid of all their songs...I'll upload them in Youtube. =D






And the most-awaited "Urbandub". They're really the "IT" rock band. Almost all the people in the beach watched and loved them.

Celebration for a successful event. "Kampay!!!"

The next morning...tapsilog again for breakfast but this time at VM Restaurant. I had sunburn already.

Watched the Pacquiao vs Hatton game at the Dream Wave restaurant. Everybody went crazy! He's really the best. But I can't say that I was satisfied with the fight...only 2 rounds??? I didn't even finish my cup noodles and the fight was over haha. But yay for Pacquiao!!!!

Watersports at Puerto Galera

My last pic before we left =D

I'm still tired bec of that trip....but worth it =D I hope everyone had a great long weekend too! Ciao...


donnarence said...

that looks uber fun!!!

Chrissy said...

Wow you look like you had so much fun! I wish I could go on holidays like that, but just the thought of the hassle already has me going "meh". Lol! Not to mention costs!

AskMeWhats said...

sis Kim! You look pretty even sa beach ha!!! :) Can't wait to see you!!! You obviously had fun!!!

Rochelle Rivera said...

I miss Philippines, I went to Puerto Galera last December and it was raining I almost cried because I thought we won't make it to the destination because of the weather and it was like our ferry would just sink, but I still had so much fun with good food, fresh air and I think that was Mindoro something alcohol drink that was so good and I got so drunk. But it didn’t have that band or party at night because we didn’t stay at White Beach but you have nice pictures and lots of fun! I also agree you are pretty♥

fuzkittie said...

Wow gorgeous photos!!! :D

sab said...

wow! i want to go to the beach now! hahaha! i met all of angulo at guijo before! haha. they're really nice!

*KiM* said...

@Donnarence - thanks *wink wink*
@Chrissy - why? you don't like travelling? If only I have lots of money I would travel the world hehe
@Nikki - I know! I can't wait na din hehe
@Rochelle - I know the feeling..I experienced that when I was in scary. That Mindoro sling is a traitor haha.
@Fuz - thanks pretty =D
@Sab - yeah they're nice. We were able to talk to the vocalist. They're good too =D

aquaracer said...

great pics, kim!! thanks for sharing. i miss the beaches over there :(

booming yata caramoan ngayon dyan?