Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend haul

Hi everyone! I was reading some posts and I'm glad that it seems most of us had a great weekend =D I'm still sick though. Constant coughing and sneezing is really annoying.

Yesterday Pau left me in the mall so I could stroll a bit while waiting for his jam to finish. He was supposed to jam for only an hour but he made me wait for 3 hrs I think...ugghhh. But it's ok...haha. Waiting = hauling. But this is just a small haul. Things that I think I really need:


I saw a post from a MU in multiply selling a 2nd hand cosmetic spatula months ago but the price is just too much for a simple tool like this. I finally remembered to go to National Bookstore and look for one in the painting stuff area. I got this for P254/$5+.

For those who are curious why I bought this: I've done a few makeovers already and I'm taking a short course on makeup soon so I need this for hygienic purposes.. This is for getting a few prod on l/s, cream foundations, I don't have to redip on the product. =D

Mixing plate. P7

The Faceshop Nail polish remover

P95 / $2....I'm done with the pink so I'm trying this blue one.

Did you get something this weekend? I'm excited to read posts later. Happy Monday!


Jem said...

i saw a smaller spatula in the same bookstore too, which is just plastic.

I haven't brought anything at all at The Face Shop..haha..
ill make sure that i buy something there sometime...

AskMeWhats said...

I have the plastic spatula! LOL I am too lazy to purchase this because I'll be bummed if it gets lost..there's the sharper one...? Have you seen it? The same handle same look but sharper edge for the spatula, great for scooping out lipsticks!

Anastacia said...

Great stuffies!
Mixing plate looks really useful!
I want to use it too :)

Anonymous said...

hmm. you should go to dentist supplies and check a smaller spatula (you know the tiny one that they use to mix the filling for the teeth?) like that coz my aunt gave me one and it's steel as well. :)

Sarah said...

Ohh great idea with the spatuala and palette!!!!!

Chrissy said...

This is a really good idea! Just earlier I was thinking about how MUAs keep things hygienic. Got my answer! Hehe. Good idea. And yeah, I also saw the smaller spatula that Thiamere saw at National Bookstore.

I hauled this weekend too. XD I spent so much money! Hahaha. Can't help it...tsk tsk Chrissy.

Good luck with the short course!! Share your knowledge. J/k. Hehe. :) Hope you get well soon, sis!

SHIZUKA said...

oh boo :( i just wrote a cm and it deleted itself .. haha hate it when that happens!
anyway was asking if that nail polish remover was any good. i would give it a try cos i just bought nail poilish from the face shop hehe let me know ;)

also yes ive purchased too many things i couldve saved money, camera, work shoes, more i think haha! x

*KiM* said...

@Thiamere - hehe I saw that also...but I prefer the stainless one. Yup most faceshop products are good. I'd like to try their cream cleansers soon.

@Nikki - yup I saw that but I prefer this square one. I like this coz it's bigger and I feel that it has more use. just need to practice on how to grab just enough so I won't waste any product hehe.

@Anastacia - yup I think too =D

@Gia - like what I told Nikki I prefer the bigger one hehe. I actually saw the small one and they have the same price..I figured I'll have more use on this ;)

@Sarah - Thanks!

@Chrissy - Yeah I've seen your post already hehe. I'm really trying to control myself from spending now. I only buy the things I need and I would really use. Thanks dear =D muah

*KiM* said...

Hi heartofpearl! That's never happened to me yet. To ans your question, yes I liked it a lot. The pink one smells really good unlike the other nail polish removers I've tried. It removes the polish well and I feel it's not that harsh =D