Monday, April 27, 2009

night @ Magnet Cafe

Last Friday, I went to Magnet Cafe at Bonifacio Highstreet to support my hubby with his passion....which is music. They got invited again to play for the Abduction bar tour by Rubber Duckie Music Productions.

It was my first time to go to that bar. Not that big but I like the ambiance of the place.

When I arrived, Mayonnaise was already playing. They're the 3rd band that played that night.

They won the Muziklaban several years ago.


It was already 1am that time. I was already sleepy but can't go home yet coz Hedge's playing last so I had one of my fav @ Starbucks "hot white chocolate mocha" =D Forgot to drink water after that...Hmmm I think that's one of the reasons why I got sick. =(


HedgeZero yey!

Me with the rocker boy

Another failed rocker look haha...Coz I went straight from work to the bar that night so I can't wear too much colors. I wasn't even able to retouch.


Next week, the Abduction will be @ Puerto Galera. It'll be so much fun! Beach beach beach + free gig of the most talented rock bands in the Philippines. =D I just hope it won't rain...please Lord!

I need to rest now...Good night ladies =)


Anastacia said...

Hey, URY!
Great pix! And it looks you had really awesome time!

Chrissy said...

I hope you feel better. And wow, Puerto Galera!

That's so sweet of you, supporting your husband like that. :) I would too...if I were married! Haha.

Good night!!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

how exciting!

thank you kimi for the comment! xoxo

donnarence said...

you're still pretty even without retouching.. :D

Tara Cabullo said...

How sweet :) And I think your rocker look ROCKED :)

noone said...

looks like you had a great night! And you two are soo cute together :)

sab said...

i go to saguijo sometimes! i hope we bump into each other at magnet! my friends are always there! i just don't have the time to go.. haha!

Sarah said...

Ohhh great photos!!! you are sooooooooooo stunning!!!!!

Crystal said...

you hubby is a rocker? cool. and what are you talking about? you look great! :P