Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dolls this June

Look who'll be back in Manila this June =D






The dolls baby =D

I wasn't able to watch their first concert here so I wanna watch!!! amppffff

Visit for more details

Candy-ish FOTD

The colors I used in this look are mostly brights. They reminded me of my fav colorful round candies when I was little so I called this candyish =D corny I know hehe.

Looks like this needs a little more blending but I can try again next time I do this =D

I used my Estee Lauder true pink l/s to make the FOTD sweet-looking.

I used the ff:


Skin Food Aloe BB Cream as base
Artdeco Treatment Foundation
Revlon ColorStay Loose Powder


Elianto face powder 04 for contour
Skin Food highlighter
3rd to the right blush from CS palette


Estee Lauder true pink l/s
Clinique super shine lip gloss


Artdeco e/s base
Body Shop dark green e/s on the lids
7C2R in the CS palette above the crease
6C5R and 9C5R in the CS palette on the lower lashlines

I hope you like it. Ciao!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Personal: new baby again, christening celebration

Hey everyone! I really don't like the weather in Manila for the past 2 weeks. I'm still sick but better than yesterday =D

Another personal update: Last Saturday, we attended the christening celebration of our college friends' new baby boy. The parents were our thesis mates back in college hehe. They named their baby "Nathan"....owww he reminded me of the hunk in One Tree Hill =D

I like the place where the Christening was held. They have a separate room for this special ceremony. I just can't remember the name but it was a church in a subdivision near UP Diliman...

Pretty mom with the cute baby. She gave birth just last April can't really notice noh?

Reception was held at Albergus. (one of the most popular catering services in the Philippines


I love green mangoes (esp the super sour) with shrimp paste, sweet chili anchovies, sea weeds, friend sweet potato and chicken drumsticks =D

They served mostly Filipino dishes. My fave was the karekare. (Wikipedia - Kare-kare is a Philippine stew. It is made from peanut sauce with a variety of vegetables, stewed oxtail, beef, and occasionally offal or tripe)

He was sleeping all day.

Too bad I was already sick that day. I wasn't able to hold him :(

College friends...We used to be 15 but most of them are abroad or busy with their work =(

They gave us a cute pad for the souvenir.

Tired of my personal update? I'll try to post a more interesting blog tomorrow hehe =D Have a great day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

night @ Magnet Cafe

Last Friday, I went to Magnet Cafe at Bonifacio Highstreet to support my hubby with his passion....which is music. They got invited again to play for the Abduction bar tour by Rubber Duckie Music Productions.

It was my first time to go to that bar. Not that big but I like the ambiance of the place.

When I arrived, Mayonnaise was already playing. They're the 3rd band that played that night.

They won the Muziklaban several years ago.


It was already 1am that time. I was already sleepy but can't go home yet coz Hedge's playing last so I had one of my fav @ Starbucks "hot white chocolate mocha" =D Forgot to drink water after that...Hmmm I think that's one of the reasons why I got sick. =(


HedgeZero yey!

Me with the rocker boy

Another failed rocker look haha...Coz I went straight from work to the bar that night so I can't wear too much colors. I wasn't even able to retouch.


Next week, the Abduction will be @ Puerto Galera. It'll be so much fun! Beach beach beach + free gig of the most talented rock bands in the Philippines. =D I just hope it won't rain...please Lord!

I need to rest now...Good night ladies =)

Weekend haul

Hi everyone! I was reading some posts and I'm glad that it seems most of us had a great weekend =D I'm still sick though. Constant coughing and sneezing is really annoying.

Yesterday Pau left me in the mall so I could stroll a bit while waiting for his jam to finish. He was supposed to jam for only an hour but he made me wait for 3 hrs I think...ugghhh. But it's ok...haha. Waiting = hauling. But this is just a small haul. Things that I think I really need:


I saw a post from a MU in multiply selling a 2nd hand cosmetic spatula months ago but the price is just too much for a simple tool like this. I finally remembered to go to National Bookstore and look for one in the painting stuff area. I got this for P254/$5+.

For those who are curious why I bought this: I've done a few makeovers already and I'm taking a short course on makeup soon so I need this for hygienic purposes.. This is for getting a few prod on l/s, cream foundations, I don't have to redip on the product. =D

Mixing plate. P7

The Faceshop Nail polish remover

P95 / $2....I'm done with the pink so I'm trying this blue one.

Did you get something this weekend? I'm excited to read posts later. Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Australian College and Beauty

Hey everyone! It's a busy Friday and Saturday for me. Now I have colds =( My body finally gave up with the 3 consecutive days lack of sleep and bad weather...

I have a few things to blog but I thought this should go first...

I was supposed to hangout at SM Megamall this afternoon while waiting for Pau to finish his appointment but saw this ad at the Podium Parking lot. If you're a reader of this blog, you know I'm in search of a good makeup school right so my feet just brought me there hihi.

The Australian College and Beauty

The receptionist was so kind to tour me around the entire school/salon.

This is where the facial treatments are being held

Shower room

foot massage/foot spa area. You can see a nice view from this room cool!

Manicure area

Beauty wall? If I remember correctly. Mits, the receptionist, told me... maybe someday you'll see your name there. HAHAHA I wish =D

Makeup area..This is where the students do their hands-on. I wish to have this kind of mirror in my room.

Haircutting area

Conference room

Lecture room. They have 2


I wasn't able to take pics of the other rooms =D

Nice noh? I've been to some of the well-known makeup schools here in Manila but this one is the biggest and the coziest I've seen so far.

...and how lucky can I get....Found out that this school just opened last Wednesday and they offered free workshops today to introduce what their school has to offer. I was able to join 2 =D Some of the classes will start on Monday already so I don't know if they'll still be having it by then.

1st: Haircutting

Conducted by Ms. Dara . See how sexy and gorgeous she is. Not to mention a very talented woman. She made haircutting look so easy.

The model is named Vince. He was there to promote his album I just forgot to write down the name hehe sorry. But he has some Gary V remake and videos being aired on MYX channel.

Important points I remembered:

your haircut style should be right to the shape of your face and head and to the texture of your hair.
Balance and Harmony is the key for a perfect cut
Your haircut should be wearable, current in fashion and fits your lifestyle.

Don't know if I can cut someone else's hair. Seems interesting after this workshop. But right now I'm more into makeup =P

2nd: Makeup application

Conducted by the Director of the school Ms. Jenny Gonzales.

I want to have those purple brushes.

And I thought I knew all of the basics already but I learned some new things today =D

Ms. Jenny discussed the ff:

tools one should prepare when doing makeup for sanitation, protection and cleansing.

Analyzing face shapes.
Highlighting and contouring.
Some best practices and a little bit of eye makeup application

If only I have the money and I could give up my work to take their certificate course haiz. Maybe someday? hehe. MUFE is still my no. 1 choice right now bec of my schedule. must decide must decide!

Anywhooo...if this post made you interested, you can visit them at 4th Level of The Podium Mall. Or visit their website

Friday, April 24, 2009

....on looking after your shoes

Hey everyone! Look at what happened to me yesterday:


This is the consequence of not giving my shoes TLC :-(. This used to be my fave flats but I don’t know…I just forgot about it. This pair has been hiding in my under-the-bed case for months (almost a year I think). It was still in perfect condition when I used it yesterday…and hours after, the gold color just started to peel off. Embarassing! Haha. I know no one's really paying attention to my feet but it's disgusting. This is when I realized that I don’t pay attention to my shoes very well. Makeup is what’s all in my mind nyeeehehe…

Now that I’m forced to use every penny I have wisely…I need to learn how to preserve what I currently have.

Here’s a good article I found at

Looking after your shoes

Without good upkeep, shoes soon get ruined and won't see another season.

How to get more wear out of your shoes

The lifespan of your favourite heels, boots, ballet pumps and trainers will depend on how well you look after them. And it really doesn't take much effort to get more wear out of your shoes:

- Disinfect the insides with special spray (available in supermarkets and pharmacies) to stop you getting fungal infections.

- Don't wear the same pair of shoes two days running to give them a rest and allow them to get rid of moisture.

- Always get the right size. If your shoes are too small, your toes will get squashed against the ends of the shoe and your feet can get injured and deformed. If your shoes are too big, your feet will slip out while you're walking, your shoes won't last long and you could sprain an ankle.
- Don't buy insoles or half-soles that break down or deform your shoes.
- Give your shoes a second life by replacing their soles, preferably with anti-slip ones, every one to two years.

What to use on what type of material?

It's advised to use a waterproof spray on any new pair of shoes to nourish and protect them from damp.

- Leather:

Leather is a skin and needs to be hydrated and nourished just like our own! Clean your leather shoes with a soft rag to get rid of fine traces. To care for the leather, apply leather cleaner/conditioner with a cloth rag and leave to dry. There's no use in polishing leather shoes or boots too soon, so wait a few weeks until after you've bought them and then use a wax product. Remember to get one that's either colourless or the same colour as your shoes!

- Suede:
Suede is more fragile than ordinary leather and harder to take care of (like nubuck). Don't use wax polish; get hold of a suede cleaner to use on stubborn stains and always use a very soft cloth rag, a slightly dampened cloth or a gentle scrubber designed for use on suede.

- Synthetic material:

Synthetic materials are less fragile than natural leather. Clean your synthetic shoes with a damp cloth or a gentle brush, polish and waterproof.

- Patent leather:

Patent leather is super-shiny and easily gets marks on it. Clean yours with a sponge and soapy water and remove stains with a cloth dipped in non-acetone stain remover (nail varnish remover does the trick!).

Storing shoes

Keep your shoes well away from damp, in a dry, clean place. If you can, store them in their original boxes or tidy them away in a shoe organiser rack at the end of the season. To ensure your shoes retain their shape and don't get crushed, use wooden shoe trees (though these are quite costly), but don't buy them too big or they'll stretch your shoes. Or you can always stuff them with newspaper or silk paper to make them retain their shape.

How about you? How do you take care of your shoes? I need more tips =D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personal: a new baby, my baby + food =D

Heeeyy! Can't think of a title sorry..I've been busy the entire morning so no makeup post for today hehe

Personal update...I went to Cardinal Santos to visit my friend who just gave birth to a lovely baby girl =D She's sooo adorable..

I realized I want to have a baby soon too =D hehehe. But for the mean time I'll show you my cutie cutie baby chachamuch.

If you've watched Marley and Me, he's very similar to Marley. People are afraid to touch him because he doesn't trust strangers that easily. But this dog brought nothing but happiness to me hehe. Love him! I wouldn't survive the kinda sad days when my family went to the US without my Pau and my chachamuch =D

Food update....I ate too much today (Uggghhh! again...) =D We ordered 1 bucket of KFC chicken and it's too much for the 3 of us (my ofcmates). I've also been munching this since 12pm =D

My fav popcorn from Taters....White Cheddar =D. I know Sab loves this too hehe

Till tom! Ciao

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Makeup for Kabbie Rodriguez

Just this morning, I did the makeup of Kabbie Rodriguez (Pau's sister =D) for a photoshoot at Summit Media Studio. Her photos will be publised at OK! Magazine (forgot to ask when). I was sooo nervous. The most difficult part for me is the curling of her lashes. hehehe

My makeup traincase...that's meee in the mirror =P Bow to Summit Media Studio. It's very nice and huge.

Pretty Kabbie

Thanks Kabbie for the opportunity =D I enjoyed so much. This made me want to take serious makeup lessons even more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skin Food Diet Lip Balm

I’ve always been conscious about my weight. My friends tell me “you’re not fat” or “it’s just right for you”. Alright I get it hehe…all I want now is to maintain it. But I’m not really good at dodging my cravings. That’s why I always choose foods with diet/fit/whole wheat/whole grain/teavigo/sugarfree on the packaging. Like these hehehehe.

And now you know why I immediately bought this product without researching first.

The Skin Food “Diet Lip Balm”

The smell and bitter taste is supposed to suppress your appetite according to the SA.

Wearing the lip balm alone.

Lip Balm on top of l/s

My comments:

+ It’s not sticky.

+ It really helps moisturize my lips.

+ No color but gives a little golden shimmer effect.

- Its bitter taste lasts for hours. I know that's how it's supposed to work but I don't like it.

- It doesn’t really help suppress my appetite. hehehe.

- The smell is kinda unpleasant but goes away a few mins after application.

- It's expensive for a lip balm. I got this for P200 + if I remember correctly and it's 50% off that time.

Would I buy this again?

No….SkinFood offers different kinds of lip balms. I’ll probably choose the fruity ones =D I guess if I’d be really serious on dieting in the future…I shouldn’t rely on this kind of stuff. Food discipline is the key hehehe…


I specialize in wedding make-up (Traditional or Airbrush makeup) . I also provide hair and make-up services for photoshoots, events, special occasions and ads. I was trained at HD Makeup Studio and Academy (formerly Basement Academy) for makeup and hairstyling by some of the best makeup artists in the Philippines.

I love to blog about my make-up, beauty, parenting, and other personal adventures in this site.

To see pictures of some my makeup gigs please visit My Makeup Portfolio website

For bookings, questions, event features or product reviews, contact me at:
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