Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An exotic dinner

Guess what? I'm at Tiendesitas again wooohooo last night!'s not my fav place. I just have to be there everyday haha!

Just want to share with you what my officemates and I had for dinner last night.

"Mango Yoghurt" shake from Chillers

I like creamy, sweet and a bit sour fruit shake. I know the taste of fruits depends on the season. But so far, this one has been consistently meeting my standards wehehhe =D. They serve fast too. I'm waiting for their strawberry banana fruit shake. Some people don't like that combination. Like when one of my officemates tried it, he commented that it tastes like a medicine....Whatever! I still luvit!

I paid P55.00 / $1+ for this medium sized fruit shake and the only branch I know is in Tiendesitas (Pasig)

And here's the exotic food I'm talking about:

Isaw from Archie's special bbq and ribs

What is it:

Isaw is one of the most popular street food in the Philippines. It is made from barbecued pig or chicken intestines.

The round shaped ones are pig intestines and the other one is chicken. This is the only exotic food I can eat =D I remember when I was younger, our neighbor sells different types of BBQs and I often have this for my afternoon snack. Best with bread and coke! And don't forget the vinger with onions and chili peppers...haha.

But now I became more cautious to what I eat. I don't buy this kind of food elsewhere anymore. So it's been a long long time since I've had it! The ones they're selling at Archie's looks clean and fresh so I decided to try them. =D

Isaw: P22/stick for the chicken and P25/stick for the pig. Expensive compared to those being sold on the streets I know!

For our officemate made this blueberry cheese cake (without cream cheese haha!). Thanks Dexter! It's delicious!

Sorry for the low-quality pics. I forgot to bring my spare battery so I just used my cellphone to take photos...=D

What exotic foods have you tried? I'm excited to know =D


AskMeWhats said...

I have never tried ISAW my whole life, would you believe that? hehehe you've got wonderful meal! :)

Tara Cabullo said...

^ Really Nikki?! You should try, kahit once lang :D Hello Kim, I like isaw, umm, love, actually! Your post made me crave for a stick. :)

*KiM* said... should try it Nikki! It's not that gross.

Hi Teeyah! It's ok to have it once in a while right? hehe too much cholesterol!

fuzkittie said...

very nice, the blueberry look good! Hehe

aquaracer said...

ISAWWWWW! Haven't had this in a while. I learned how to eat it during my UP days, haha! It's good and now brings back good 'ol memories ;-) Craving for one now, Kim =P

Makeup Mama said...

Hi ury, I just added another entry I missed on my contest and I just wanted you to check it out one last time to give that missed entrant a fair chance. let me know either way who your fave is again, sorry!

Anastacia said...

yum yum! that second pic looks MMM!

TOJ said...

how exactly do you make cheesecake without cream cheese? :)

*KiM* said...

Hi looks like blueberry cheesecake kc haha! but it should have been called blueberry ref cake instead right? =D