Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pau's bday @ Super Bowl

It was my hubby's birthday last Saturday 022209 =). He was quite tired coz he and his ofcmates had a team building at Tagaytay the night before. So instead of exhausting ourselves preparing party foods, we just opted to celebrate it by having lunch with his mom and dad.

Mann Hann was our first choice but unfortunately there were sooo many people in line so Pau's mom suggested Super Bowl as an alternative.

Bday boy and meee

Mama and Papa

While waiting for our food, they gave us free chicharap (Is that how they call this?)

Dimsum platter

This is currently 50% off. We only paid P127/$2.54 for this.

Tofu with Mushrooms

(Does anyone of you know how to rotate the pics? I'm so dumb I can't figure it out arrghh haha.)

Sweet & Sour Fish

Papa getting the Yang Chow Fried Rice

When I first tried Super Bowl (about 2 years ago maybe)...I was not really happy with their food. I can't remember why. But last Saturday, I was really satisfied. Their food is quite affordable too. We only paid P800+/$16+ for all of these.

The SuperBowl in SM Megamall is located at the 4th level Building A (correct me if I'm wrong) in the newly renovated part. I'm really glad SM decided to add that part. They got so many cool stores and restos now. hehe

Have a nice day everyone!


My-My said...

This place looks delish! I might have to suggest this place when I go visit PI soon.

*KiM* said...

yeah....but we always bring our balikbayan relatives to Dampa hehe. Most of them like seafoods. How about you?