Sunday, February 22, 2009

gifts from my mom and sister + CS haul

Hello beauty bloggers! I've had these items for quite a while and it's just now that I have free time and interest blog about them.

When my dad confirmed that he is coming here last January...I asked my youngest sister (who is in Florida) if she could buy some stuff from Sephora for me and I'll just pay her. I tried my card but unfortunately they only accept US issued ccs sigh. Then she told me not to send her the money anymore coz she'll just give them to me as gifts....weeee! Thanks Ella. yipee yipee yipee...

Here they are:

Finally...I have my own UD 24/7 liners...I love love these pencils!

Philosophy Under Mistletoe Lipglosses

UD e/s

Got free perfume samples + Cover FX tinted moisturuzer too..

And here's what my mom got me. An Estee Lauder bag with filled with makeup =) I was asking for Urban Decay but she got this instead. She thought they're the same hahaha! But loved the goodies! Thanks mom...luv u


Thanks again mom!

And here's my haul. I only spent $4 for the shipping and asked my dad to bring it here =D

gel liners
crease bruch
angled liner (love this!) Thanks for the review Nikki!
and a sample

I bought the gel liners with the intention of selling them here. But I've used the 24k and I'm already attached to it. I'll just use them all hahaha.

It's a happy day today. The first email I read from my boss is about the holiday this wednesday and we have the option to take that day off...yipppeeee! Wish everyone would have a great day too =) Ciao.


My-My said...

OOOH! Wonderful Haul! I want my mom to buy me stuff! lol, but she always says, "No, You already have a job." -_-;

*KiM* said...

yeah when they were still here in the Philippines my mom was also like that...but my family is all in the US now and I'm the only one left here so I guess they spoil me sometimes hahahaha...=) Thanks My-my!

SzeLing said...

Enjoy those UD liners! =D I love them and use them every single day. They are the only liners that I would use.LOL.

AskMeWhats said...

awww you are welcome sweetie! You have a lot of wonderful gifts! You deserve it! and yay for the gel liners :)