Saturday, February 21, 2009

makeover for Angel

I got a text yesterday from Angel saying "Hi Ate Kim! I'm going to attend a wedding tomorrow. Can you do my makeup? Are you free?"....told her "Sure...what type of makeup do you want?"..."Just a simple, neutral look"...."Okiedokie =)"

She was supposed to go to our house around 11am but she wasn't feeling well that morning so she asked me if she could come 12:30pm instead. Texted her "Sure..what time is the wedding?". But she didn't reply. (Don't worry Angel! I understand and it's really ok hehehe...just completing my story =D)When she got here, asked her again "What time is the wedding?"...she said "1:30pm". "OMG! We have to hurry...are you part of the entourage or just a guest?"......"No, guess whose wedding is it?"....."uhmmmm"...."it's my wedding ate kim!"

Whoooaaaaa...I didn't know I was going to do a makeup for a wedding in just 30 mins wth! But she said it's just a civil wedding and she really wanted it simple...olrighty! hehehe. I really tried my best I promise!. I wish I could have taken better pics if we have more time =(. But she said it's pretty and she liked it anyway so I'm happy. Thank you so much Angel and i wish you all the happiness! Take care of yourself and the baby =D

Before pic

After pics

Here are the prods I used: (Just wanna take some pictures hehehe)


Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
MAC gel liner in Blacktrack
Urban Decay pencil in Zero (forgot to include in the pic)

Paul and Joe Eye Color Primer 02
MAC quad
Smashbox Socialite (used the lightest for highlight)
MAC paintpot Painterly


Elianto Baked Face Powder 04 (contour)
Elianto Glitter Blusher 01 Pinky
VOV e/s 7802 for hightlight


Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss
Fanny Serrano lipstick palette (used the 2nd to the left)
Fanny Serrano lip pencil 01


The FaceShop Quick and Clean BB Cream
MAC StudioFix NC42
Paul & Joe dual powder 40
MUFE camouflage palette
The Body Shop vitamin E face mist

That's all...ciao!


tuniez83 said...

wow she look pretty. ur makeup skill is so good. I love how her skin look way much better after makeup

*KiM* said...

wow thanks for the nice comment tune. The Faceshop BB cream helped a lot. I so love BB creams!

AskMeWhats said...

aww Kim! This looks great! I know how it is to work under time pressure but you nailed it! :)

Nu Nu Dollie said...

Wow! You did all of that in a time crunch?! You made her gorgeous! Keep it up girl :)

*KiM* said...

Thanks for your comments Nikki and Nu Nu Doll =D