Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm back and a gift from dad...

Finally I'm backkkk!!! I missed blogspot so much. If you're wondering why I was MIA for almost a month,'s because I was busy preparing for my wedding hehehe. A one year preparation just finished in a snap hahaha. But it was successful. We've got the raw pictures already but it's soooo hard to choose =((((

Back to the topic, my dad came here from Florida to attend my wedding. And he surprised me with this!

I was asking for my sister's old camera but he bought me a new one instead. Isn't he sweet? I can now post better pictures yey!

At the airport. He gave his gift to me right away hahaha!

I spent an entire week playing with the settings harhar!

This is Oreo. He's my uncle's dog. He's my favorite among his 3 dogs so sweet!

My everyday look hahaha!

Dad sleeping and snoring...

Love this! haha



With my hubby....=) ISO 3200

With my dad at Bonifacio High Street (ISO 3200). If you're wondering what happened to his face.....he got his warts removed coz it costs way way cheaper here than in the US. He'll kill me if he sees this haha!

My dad is now back in the US...I miss him already =(


sab said...

you got married? wow! Congratulations and Best Wishes!

*KiM* said...

Hi Sab! Yepyep nung Jan31 hehe. Thank you!!!

tuniez83 said...

Your dad's very kind, and look very friendly. Oh congrat with your wedding and wishing you all the sweety, lovely couple forever.

Unknown said...

u have beautiful skin

*KiM* said...

Hi May! No I don't...I just found my HG bb cream and foundation hehehe

Jenna said...

It's good to learn about plants such as wild turmeric, castor and milkweed that help to remove warts