Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my 1st Geo Contact Lens

As some of my friends know, my greatest frustration (physically) is my eyes. They're so smallll hahaha. It's really true that most people tend to want what they don't have.

I was reading Oyen's blog and accidentally read her post about the Geo contact lens. Oh no got curious again so I googled it. I learned that it's the secret of Korean celebrities for having bigger and brighter eyes. Though, there's really no need for me to wear one, I decided to try for cosmetic purposes =D tsk tsk bad Kim!

I ordered a pair of Geo angel brown and here's my before and after pic:

See how my eyes got bigger?

On my first attempt, it took me 30 mins to wear it. I didn't know it was that hard to wear contact lens! It scared me to death...haha. Plus...people kept on staring at my eyes. It felt so weird. But on my 2nd attempt, I got it on faster =D. I have no intention of wearing it daily but I'm glad to have one just when I want to be different.


sab said...

wow! they look amazing! i want tuloy! haha!

tuniez83 said...

nice, I like the "angel" collection, they'r not so fancy.
P.S. I think if you try a darker shade of eyeshadow, u'll have a bigger eyes too

kiss kiss

*KiM* said...

Thanks sab and tune!

Tune...have you tried the black circle lens? Is it nice?

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Emilita said...

How do they feel?

*KiM* said...

Hi Emilita! I had a hard time putting it on the first time but when you get used to can put it right away. I now feel comfortable wearing it =D

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