Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my 1st Geo Contact Lens

As some of my friends know, my greatest frustration (physically) is my eyes. They're so smallll hahaha. It's really true that most people tend to want what they don't have.

I was reading Oyen's blog and accidentally read her post about the Geo contact lens. Oh no got curious again so I googled it. I learned that it's the secret of Korean celebrities for having bigger and brighter eyes. Though, there's really no need for me to wear one, I decided to try for cosmetic purposes =D tsk tsk bad Kim!

I ordered a pair of Geo angel brown and here's my before and after pic:

See how my eyes got bigger?

On my first attempt, it took me 30 mins to wear it. I didn't know it was that hard to wear contact lens! It scared me to death...haha. Plus...people kept on staring at my eyes. It felt so weird. But on my 2nd attempt, I got it on faster =D. I have no intention of wearing it daily but I'm glad to have one just when I want to be different.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A video inspired me today

watch this..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Beauty Bar Sale haul

Stopped by Robinson's Galleria today to look for a pair of shoes but saw the big "SALE" sign at Beauty Bar andI really can't resist so I entered. =D Selected products from Red Earth, Young Blood, Philosophy and DuWop were on sale.

And these babies got my attention:

The Supernatural lip palette:

Original Price: P1950.00/$39
I got it for P450/$9 ^_^

The supernatural fingerpaints:

Original Price: P1550.00 / $31
I got it for P542.50/$10.85 ^_^

DuWop undereye primer and blemish treatment

The supernatural fingerpaints:

Original Price: P1350.00 / $27
I got it for P472.50/ $9.45 ^_^

So happy with my purchase =D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MUFE - Revamp your makeup kit today

Got this on my email today =D Just sharing the info

Visit us today at

B: 8 Bonifacio High Street , Bonifacio Global City Taguig 856-5243

Level 3, Shangri-la Plaza Mall Mandaluyong City 638-5702


MAKE UP FOR EVER ‘s Spring 2009

Welcome ’09 with a fresh new look this season!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Review: Skin Food Aloe BB Cream

I've read sooo many raves about BB creams here in Blogspot. Being the "Ms. Curious" as always. I've researched and asked people where I could purchase it. But the most popular ones are only available on Ebay and resellers that they're just too pricey for me. So I tried the one that's locally available first "The Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream".

I chose this because the lady on the store told me that this one is for the combination skin type. What it says: Rich in extracts of Aloe, which has powerful ability to soothe skin, it protects your skin from irritation caused by UV rays and has a soothing effect to your skin. It makes your skin luminous and provides moisture and covers blemishes.

My thoughts about it:

- I had "big issues" with my skin these past few months. I don't know if it's something that I ate or the environment that caused my breakouts but I really felt bad. It was just recently that my skin started to clear off. I've been using this BB cream for almost 2 months now and it really works for me. I really have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate my skin. (I still want to try the other bb creams though teehee.) Now my only problem is acne scars which I notice are slowly fading. Thank God!

- Some says that you can use it as a foundation. True...but only if you have a good skin. It doesn't cover my scars so I still have to use a mineral foundation and concealer. But it serves as a very very good makeup base. I like it!

Skin Food Aloe BB Cream and Oceanmist Foundation is the perfect pair for me. Too bad I've already finished my Oceanmist. I don't know if I will repurchase...shipping fee is just too much! Hope I could find a reseller here.

- "It makes your skin luminous". This is so true (for me) =D. A friend even asked me what I'm using on my face because according to him, I have nice skin. hahahaha! I just can't help but laugh.

- It comes in two shades - #1 and #2 - the former being the lighter one, while the latter being the darker one. Limited choices..but I'm so lucky to have a match =D

I used this BB cream in my pic below =D

Thanks all...Ciao! =D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 goals

Happy New Year everyone! I know it's sooo late but I've been busy these past weeks and all I do when I surf the net is read and comment on blogs =D

Anyways, I've seen a lot of bloggers write their new year's resolutions, wish and stuff and I want to share my goals for the year 2009.

1. I'll do my best to be a great wife. - I'll be starting my year with a bang! haha. I'll be getting married on the 31st to the most amazing person I've ever met. What a way to start my year right? I just know this will be a good year for me.

2. I'm planning to enroll on a makeup school mid February or March. I'm still choosing between Basement Academy and Makeup Forever Academy. Any suggestions? I'm still preparing my budget and stuff so the date is still tentative but I'll definitely go for it this year.

3. Have more savings? - I've splurged on a lot of things last year and I really need to control my shopping habit. I promise I promise to be a wise spender! =P

4. To become a better person =D Never miss Sunday mass...Always find time to call mom and dad and avoid mood swings. ^_^

That's all. =D I wish everyone happiness in life!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Banana Diet

I've been planning to try this so called "banana diet" when Pau's mom told me about it that she have read in the newspaper. I really need to lose weight coz I think I've gained a lot this holiday =( huhu. So I asked my officemates today if we can go to Tiendesitas to buy some bananas =) But I accidentally read this article...Watdaheck? I'm still going to try it. Hopefully it will work hahaha ^_^

Copied from Time:

Japan Goes Bananas for a New Diet

Keiko Akai is very annoyed. The attractive 21-year-old university student has been planning to do a banana diet for some time now, but she can't get started — and not for lack of trying. "I keep going to OK Store, my local supermarket every single day," she says. "In fact, I've just been there. There are no bananas on the shelves, and it's been like that for a month."

Akai has never weighed more than 100 pounds, and is so slim that her waist is swimming in Zara's smallest size XS skirt. She doesn't need to lose any weight. But Japanese girls obsessed with diets tend to jump at any trendy new ones, so, when Akai heard about a popular actress who'd lost 26 pounds through the Morning Banana Diet, she had to try it. And the dearth of bananas as her local supermarket, and many others, is testimony to the popularity of the new dieting fad.

"Large stores don't have any bananas from noon, and even Ito Yokado (a major supermarket chain) runs out of them after 3 p.m.," says Tomoyuki Horiuchi, sales representative of Tokyo Seika Boeki Co., Ltd., fruit and vegetables wholesale company. Hiromi Ohtaki of Dole Japan, a leading banana importer, sees the boom in sales as largely due to Morning Banana Diet — bananas don't normally sell well during summer, and this year's summer has been especially hot. Still, over the past 4 months, demand has driven Dole Japan to increase its banana imports by upward of 25%, and even then supplies could not keep pace with demand. "In a way this is an emergency," explains Ohtaki. "We've been importing bananas from the Philippines for the past 40 years, but this is the first time something like this happened to us, and we find it very difficult to cope."

The Morning Banana Diet regime is simple: A banana (or as many as you want) and room temperature water for breakfast; eat anything you like for lunch and dinner (by 8 p.m.). A three o'clock snack is okay, but no desserts after meals, and you have to go to bed before midnight. Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist in Osaka designed this stress-free diet to help increase the metabolism of her husband Hitoshi Watanabe, who had been rather overweight. In due course, Mr. Watanabe lost 37 pounds and introduced the diet on mixi, one of Japan's largest social networking services. Morning Banana Diet books published since March have sold over 730,000 copies, and some have been translated and published in South Korea and Taiwan. The diet became even more popular after a TV program featured a singer who had lost 15 pounds in just six weeks. It was literally the day after that program aired that the shortage of bananas first became evident. "Bananas suddenly flew off the shelves, there was a 70%-80% increase in weekly sales compared to the same period last year," says Takeshi Ozaki, a spokesperson of Life Corporation that runs 201 supermarkets throughout Japan.

Professor Masahiko Okada of Niigata University School of Medicine questions the hype around the banana diet. The human body has three essential nutrients — carbohydrates, fat and protein —, he says, and "the golden rule is to balance these three nutrients and a daily calorie intake. Once you understand that, you don't have to be swayed by the fad diet any more, whether it is a konnyaku (alimentary yam paste) or a banana diet." But a nation prone to dieting fads often ignores such sober advice.

According to Ministry of Finance, Japan's banana imports were 970,000 tons in 2007, mostly from Taiwan and the Philippines. "It takes from 10 to 15 months to harvest bananas, so it is not at all easy to meet a sudden increase in demand," says Dole's Ohtaki. Dole Japan is trying to make up the shortfall by negotiating distribution deals with Dole corporations in other countries. Supplying the spike in demand will be lucrative, because banana prices in Japan have risen about 20% as a result of supply shortages that have coincided with the diet fad.

Bananas are hardly the first fad diet to create shortages in Japan's consumer markets. During the 1970s, there were similar runs on black tea fungus, oolong tea and konnyaku; during the 1980s it was baby formula, banana and boiled egg; then, in the '90s, came apple, nata de coco, cocoa and chili pepper; and during this decade black vinegar, carrot juice, soy milk, beer yeast and toasted soybean flour (kinako). Last year's fermented soybean (natto) diet emptied supermarket shelves. Based on experience, Horiuchi predicts that the banana boom will last only another month or so. "In the past, there were all kinds of hit diets. But they never last, do they? So, we don't really want to end up with an uncontrollable banana surplus."