Monday, January 19, 2009

Beauty Bar Sale haul

Stopped by Robinson's Galleria today to look for a pair of shoes but saw the big "SALE" sign at Beauty Bar andI really can't resist so I entered. =D Selected products from Red Earth, Young Blood, Philosophy and DuWop were on sale.

And these babies got my attention:

The Supernatural lip palette:

Original Price: P1950.00/$39
I got it for P450/$9 ^_^

The supernatural fingerpaints:

Original Price: P1550.00 / $31
I got it for P542.50/$10.85 ^_^

DuWop undereye primer and blemish treatment

The supernatural fingerpaints:

Original Price: P1350.00 / $27
I got it for P472.50/ $9.45 ^_^

So happy with my purchase =D


Shen said...

wow! nice haul! i'm missing a lot since i started working. :)

*KiM* said...

Hi Shen! The sale is up to feb 5 I think =D You still have time hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Ury! also hit Beauty Bar last night in Eastwood mall. Got myself some Prestige items. Don't you just love sales? :)

tuniez83 said...

You'rs exactly right about workshop,LOL

We have only Philo stuff here not Duwop. Wish to try it too.

*KiM* said...

Hi Lootwagon! Is prestige on sale at Eastwood? I was waiting for Smashbox and Prestige to be on sale =D Now I want to go to Eastwood! Thanks for the update

Hi Tune! I'll give you a feedback once I've fully tested the Duwop I bought =D

Ferretti shoes said...

hi! i visited your blog accidentally and i dont regret it. :D

i gots myself a question. do you think the lip palette from philosophy is still available? i want it soo much.


*KiM* said...

Hi Lizlan! Yup I think so. They have a lot of stocks when I bought mine. Thanks for visiting my blog =D

Ferretti shoes said...

i see! i called beauty bar in rob galleria and had it reserved. unfortunately wala na raw yung fingerpaints? :(

btw, what are the other stuff on sale and their prices? i cant go to galleria since its so far from where i am. im just asking my bf to buy it for me so i need to be very specific. you know boys and makeup! -.-

thanks so much for blogging about this! ^_^

*KiM* said...

At least you got the lip palette reserved. It is really a good deal! huge discount and the product is still in perfect condition.

I'll try my very best to enumerate as much as I can remember for you hehe. Bloom products (lipsticks, e/s, gloss) i believe is 50% off, smashbox no sale booo! prestige no sale booo again! there are a lot of red earth products on sale but I didn't check them out. some Philosophy body and skin care products 45% off. Young blood mineral e/s...i got interested with this but i already have the colors. 4 shades of Duwop lipsticks and the duwop primer more than 50% off. I asked them about the rice powder but it's not on sale....hmmmm what else...some skin care products are 10% off i can't remember the brands though so sorry. I hope I was able to help

Ferretti shoes said...

hi! thanks sooo much. ^_^ this was really helpful to me. im excited to get my own lip palette. :D

maybe i should just pay BB galle a visit!

*KiM* said...

yeah it's better if you go there. Mahirap ipagkatiwala sa guys ang makeup shopping hehehe