Sunday, June 11, 2023

Chocnut Flavored Ice Cream: A Delicious Taste of the Philippines

Chocnut is a nostalgic Filipino favorite. Making it as a flavor in ice cream is a delightful twist on popular Filipino candy. This frozen treat combines the rich, nutty flavors of Chocnut with the cool creaminess of ice cream, creating a mouthwatering dessert that captures the essence of Filipino indulgence. 

This snack has been loved by many for years now. I remember that this snack is a staple in our pantry when I was a kid. This ice cream flavor will surely click because it holds a special place in Filipino hearts, evoking nostalgia and childhood memories. It brings back the joy of enjoying Chocnut, making it a popular choice among locals seeking a taste of their favorite treat in a refreshing form.

How to Make Chocnut-flavored Ice Cream

@iamkimrodz Chocnut has been a favorite snack for us Filipinos for years now. My love for Chocnut came back when we tasted the Chocnut flavored cupcake in M Bakery. I've been putting it on my smoothie, coffee, granola and now, ice cream! This Chocnut Ice Cream is surely a treat! #chocnut #chocnuticecream #chocnutrecipe #chocnutislife #recipe #icecreamideas #fyp #foryoupage #foodieph #pinoyfoodieph #pinoysweets ♬ Bounce When She Walk - Ohboyprince

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