Thursday, March 16, 2023

Komorosaba, a Japanese resto that offers an affordable but delicious Japanese meals!

I remember Komorosoba being on top of my list on what to eat during lunch time when I was working in the Ortigas area around 15 years ago. Well, I'm not really surprised that they're still in the business after all these years because what they're offering are affordable delicious meals for people who frequently visit the place.

Tendon - Php 109

Contains 1 piece of shrimp and vegetable tempura

Sukiyaki Don - Php 135

This has been my usual order. I like the tofu with thin strips of beef and sotanghon rice toppings. The sauce is very delicious

Beef Soba Udon - Php 168

If you love udon, this is a must try. The soup is a rich broth but not too salty which is very comforting to the tummy.

Over-all, I'm still glad that Komorosoba s still there and doing good. 15 years ago, we often see the Japanese owner training his staff and observing how they work. I will still go back because I loved Japanese food that doesn't break the bank.

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