Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Exploring Culinary Games with my Kids

As a mom, I've always thought of ways to teach my kids about the necessary skills that they have to learn in their lives. That includes basic cooking and growing their finances. My husband travels alone often because of his work so we know that one must learn the basics of cooking so he/she could still eat healthy food even if there's no one to cook for them. Also, learning how to properly spend your money and growing it will help them until they grow old. 

The best way to jump-start teaching them these skills is through the thing that they love most, online games. Through this, they're able to learn and grasp quickly the basic knowledge that they have to know. I found fun Culinary games online which are very accessible and interesting. It's perfect for my little girl who is just starting. She took up Kids Culinary Class in her school and doing the games will help her refresh what she have learned last year. Her favorite is the Pizza Delivery Game because it is her favorite comfort food. She was also very fond of the farming game which is good for her brain to practice and create strategies.

For our son, we've been teaching him about saving money and doing business already. He said he wants to have plenty of money so he could help a lot of people. We asked him to play food-related businesses so he would have the idea of how to run a small business, even if it's just in a game. He was able to try the Coffee Shop and Penguin Cafe games. It was indeed a fun learning experience for him since he was very curious about starting a business at a young age. 

Since we only allow our kids to have screen time for two hours a day, I got very picky with the games that we let them play. This new discovery of mine is something that moms like me would approve of because they learn and enjoy at the same time. The site is very easy to navigate and indeed very child-friendly.

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