Monday, February 8, 2021

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

You're the first man I've loved. I still remember how happy I was during our movie dates and Binondo trips. It gives you so much joy to see me eat like a Viking. We loved to eat so much. You loved giving me gifts, and you're the supplier of all our gadgets. I know that it's your way of showing your love to us, and we appreciate it. Those were our happy times. I'm proud that you're my dad.

I'm sad that I can't call you, and look forward to your visit anymore. I'm always grateful for all the sacrifices you've done for our family. I'm happy that the last word that I've told you was "I love you, Dad". I just wished I've called you more often, and made you happy during the times when you felt lonely. I should have done more, but now it's too late. I'll always remember you like my happy dad who loved me and my family unconditionally. It hurts whenever I think of you. I'm hoping and praying that you'll find joy and peace wherever you are now. You'll always be in my heart. Thank you for raising me. I love you so much, Dad!

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