Monday, August 8, 2016

Wedding Airbrush Makeup for Aludia

Hi guys! I've been pretty overwhelmed with my life right now having 2 kids: one just in Grade 1 and a first timer in big school and a toddler who constantly moves around and calls for mommy. I took a long time-off with work after I gave birth because I wanted to breastfeed my daughter but I am now ready to work work work! I also promised myself to alot time for my blog again.

Showing you one of my recent bridal makeup work. My client here is Aludia. She's a friend of one of my brides years ago. I am very thankful to my past clients who still remembers me and refer me to their friends and relatives. I really appreciate the trust you're all giving me.

Took this photo using my Iphone.

And this one from Fine and Dainty Wedding Photographer.

Her makeup is simple, fresh and classic. Used my trusted Temptu S/B Airbrush Makeup on her and double false eyelashes to add glam to her look.

And here's their on-site wedding video. Watch it if you're going to wed in the near future for pegs and inspiration. I really like the work of Fine and Dainty Photo. They are very professional to work with too.


Visit my Facebook portfolio page to see more photos and videos of my makeup work and for inquiries as well. Thank you!


Mrs. L said...

Wow, your makeup styling is great, the bride looks so beautiful and her glow definitely is there. And I love the eye makeup, and the brows are perfect, dear, great job ;)

Monty's Era said...

I have been a wedding vender (Photographer) in the area for twenty five years and I have never been treated so well by a wedding venue like I was at this place. I am usually taken care of as a "last on the list" at venues, which I understand where the bride, groom and guest come first but the entire staff from the minute I walked in the door of Seattle Wedding venues treated me so well.