Monday, November 9, 2015

Makeup for a Little Girl

I've done makeup for Ms. Joanna a number times already for their office events. But recently she asked me to do the hair and makeup of her daughter for her 7th birthday.

Fresh makeup never fails. It always make her look younger and prettier.

I also did very light makeup for her daughter. Oh I love working with little girls especially this one. She knows what she wants and very kikay. She knows how to obey when I say look down or don't move please haha. Because her theme is princess she wants everything pink for her makeup. I used RCMA cream foundation on her face set with Shu Eumura loose powder (very lightly), a little bit of brow color, cream pink eyeshadow (Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow to be exact) set with a pink Urban Decay powder eyeshadow, mascara, Shiseido blush and for her lipstick I chose a very long lasting one because you know how kids tend to eat their lipsticks (I used Stila liquid lipstick on her).

According to her mom, she's the one who chose the details of her gown. Oh I can't wait for Lana to turn scares me too hahaha!

The mom and daughter are so pretty. Thank you so much Ms. Jo for always trusting me.


cheekeegirl said...

Pretty mom and adorbale daughter.. I love the li'l girl's dress/ gown...

*KiM* said...

Yeah it's so nice :)