Friday, March 28, 2014

MakeupForever Philippines' Flagship Store in SM Megamall

I live very near SM Megamall and I frequently visit the mall, almost every weekend actually. So when I found out that MakeupForever is having a branch there, I was so thrilled.

I've been a fan of the MakeupForever for so long. And I've got a lot of staples from the brand in my makeup artist kit for so years, the Aqua brow and the Full Cover concealer to name a few. I'm glad that I don't have to travel far to get some stocks.

Makeupforever's flaship store in SM Megamall was launched two weeks ago. I'm sharing with you some of the photos of their fab store and photos of the event that I took.


It's located at SM Megamall's new wing, Fashion Hall 3rd floor


Lots of makeup to play with. Disposable lip applicators, cottons and swabs are available so you could test the products all you want.


Makeup Stations for makeovers


There are two new products from MakeupForvever: the HD creme blush and HD pressed powder. It was a great opportunity for me to watch and get some makeup techniques from Jake Galvez, one of the country's top makeup artist known locally and internationally, do a makeup demo of these products.



grabbed from Makeup Forever Philippines FB page

Pressed version of the HD Translucent Loose Powder. I like this better because it's mess-free and as my co-blogger Julia said, you don't tend to overapply the product with it.




this photo was grabbed from MakeupForever Philippines FB page.

after shot of the model with HD primer, foundation, blush, powder and lipstick on. It was more beautiful in person and the effect on HD television is perfect.

Don't forget to visit their store on your next visit to SM Megamall :)


Brandy Melville Tops said...

After placing my order with the designer I was worried about the fit and length of the dress, but they do customize the dress. When the dress came in it was simply amazing and exactly like the picture posted.

Unknown said...

I want to try their HD crème blush, do you have an idea of the price?
~Pauline @Kallony

Unknown said...

I really like to read blogs about make up tutorials, techniques and everything that related to this topic. Thanks for posting this one. I truly salute makeup artist in the Philippines.