Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cuteness Overload from Pinkbox!

Hello everyone! I've been having a hard time updating this blog lately. I'm sorry! June was a very busy month for me because it's one of the peak months for weddings. Last July, work was light but I was busy with meetings as I'll be teaching makeup in a new makeup school soon...will tell you more about it when everything's finalized. And busy with family of course. My little boy goes to preschool already and it has been fun for the three of us. My hubby and I brings him to school everyday and tries our best that we'll be the ones to pick him up. When I'm at home, I make sure that he's done with his homework and settled before I do something for myself.

Last week, I got an invite to attend the Pretty in Pinkbox event. I love Pinkbox and I can't say no. I love the inspiring people behind it and of course their products. I've been busing hair accessories from them ever since but now that I'm a mom..I buy plain clips and trendy accessories from them na lang. I want to buy their kids accessories because they're so adorable. If only I have a baby girl...sigh! (next year next year!)

Pinkbox has some exciting news to share. Don't forget to like Pinkbox's Facebook Page or follow their Twitter and Instagram to always get the latest updates.

 Pinkbox has a new face and she's no other than Verniece Enciso. Check out her fashion blog here. When I saw her a few months back at another Pinkbox event, I told myselft..."bagay siyang maging endorser ng Pinkbox". And now she is! She's very pretty and cute at the same time. She has long hair that looks very pretty with any accessories. She wears pastel colors with class without looking "too pa-cute". She's a lady but can still look very young. And she's one of the most famous fashion bloggers here in the Philippines. 

photo 1

Pinkbox Handmade Collection. These are their accessories that are exclusively designed and made in few quantities. So if you find something you like, don't fret to buy coz it might be gone if you come back for it and you'll end up crying haha. But what's nice is they release new designs every week. We'll surely find something fab everytime we visit their stores. Browse below so see some samples of the Pinkbox Handmade Collection:










 Infant line. If you're a mom of a baby girl, I'm sure dressing her up is one of the most enjoyable things to do. And if you're not and you're going to attend a kiddie party or a binyag of a baby girl, Pinkbox surely has something you'll like. This collection is made with the softest materials to guarantee the comfort of your lil one. 


DCI0098_6975 DCI0099_6975 DSC_7233 



Kiddie Salon Service. Pinkbox is now offering a gorgeous mobile set-up designed by Heima that features services like hair styling, nail art and glitter tattoo. I'm sure the little girls will love a party with this. To know more about the customizable pacakges, Email Pinkbox at or call 7224370 / 7211445.

pinkbox kiddie salon

Check out #prettyinpinkbox to see more photos of the event. Ciao!

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Mirela Kasimovic said...

So pretty!! Everyone looks beautiful. little kids are lovely with floral bands. so cutee :)

Anonymous said...

The kids look so adorable. It's actually so hard to find a makeover service that caters to little ones specifically. This is the only other service apart from Pinkbox that I saw offering a kiddie makeover. Only difference is that they're not mobile.

Krisella said...

super cute!!
xx Krisella

Unknown said...

The kiddos look amazingly cute!
~Pauline @Kallony

Unknown said...

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